D+PAD Magazine - Steel Diver Review

D+PAD Magazine writes:

There is a scene in 1997’s sci-fi schlock-fest Starship Troopers in which Denise Richards, aka Captain Carmen Ibanez, attempts to reverse a gigantic spaceship out of its docking bay; in a moment of nerve-shredding tension, the craft comes within inches of the mothership, and all aboard hold their breath in expectation of the certain disaster. Luckily, Carmen manages to complete the manoeuvre, cracking a beaming smile of blinding white enamel and winning the adoration of her instructor. This, in a nutshell, is what Nintendo’s Steel Diver is like when it’s at its best…only the vast starship has been replaced with a dinky submarine and Denise Richards switched for whoever’s sweaty palms are clasping the 3DS at the time.

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