The Cheapest Games in the World

IGN -If there's one argument that most people around the world can agree on, it's the exuberantly high suggested retail prices of video games. No matter what country you're from, you've likely heard your fair share of whining on the matter. "How dare they ask us to spend $60 on this game", you might hear an American gamer say. "That's nothing compared to our $110 games down under!" is what the inevitable Australian gamer will quickly reply back with.

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omi25p4133d ago

Ive never seen a normal version of a game cost more than £39.99 in the uk, Except Call of duty.

Fishy Fingers4133d ago

Not, top end is usually £35 and I've never paid over £28 for COD thanks to the price wars. Ironic really.

omi25p4133d ago

i can beat that price. I got Black ops for £3

Vherostar4133d ago

These are RRP prices I doubt they sell for $59.99 every where in US. We all know though US is the cheapest place to buy games and this article now proves it.

Series_IIa4133d ago

Can't talk for all countries but when PS3 games first came out in the UK, most games were £50 instead of £40 like on 360.

Fishy Fingers4133d ago

I do remember them being a little bit more (not £10 mind), but I guess that was due to the increased manufacturing costs, BD vs DVD.

BlueEye4133d ago

Now if only every American gamer could see this, then they would know that they are getting games cheaper then the rest of the world and WHINE ABOUT IT!


because the fact that games cost less money in one place is completely irrelevant when: GAMES COST TOO MUCH MONEY NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY YOURE IN. Im american and it honestly doesnt make me feel any better better knowing that we get the cheapest games, considering how much profit developers STILL make off the prices theyre regulating to just the US alone. i definitely feel for places like aus and jp, but youre argument is just ridiculous and stupid.

by your logic, should no americans complain about the price of kinect being 150$ because its twice that price somewhere else? kinect is a peice of plasitc that couldnt have taken more than 100,000,000 to develop/market. its definitely turned profit by now, but has the price changed?

BlueEye4133d ago

You have a very good point there, games are overpriced EVERYWHERE! And they don't need to be, games are starting to get more and more expensive without the need to, Call of Duty is a prime example of some big ass greed.

But American's seem to be much more vocal and if I may say start bitching at each other about the price, despite the fact they are getting the best deal in the world, its not a good deal but its better then everyone else gets.

nightmarex1214133d ago

That b/c our wages haven't gone up, the min for US is $7 and in aus its like $16. so really aus is paying less if you think about it if both people work at the same hours.
la noir 109/16 = around 7 hours 60/7 is 8 and half hours. americans have to work 1 hour and half more.

ATiElite4133d ago

the reason prices are so high in the disc for the games are replicated in the U.S. then shipped around the world. Not a ton of gamers in Australia and other places so gaming is still considered a luxury item so therefore the high prices.

Once more people are able to afford these items the prices will drop. Also other factors influence price like Sales TAX and Import Tax also if an "outside" company gets Taxed just to do business inside another country that company generally passes that bill off to the consumers.

ChickeyCantor4133d ago

Man you aussies have it hard =/

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