Duke Nukem Demo Fails To Impress

NextGN: "After 13 years of waiting, Duke Nukem Forever is finally here. With exactly one week to go until the game releases, GearBox Software have released the demo to the members of the Early Access club. Unfortunately, the demo is rather disappointing."

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clank5432697d ago

Whether it's horrible or not isn't really that important to me. Just that the game came out and everyone can move on is the more important aspect. Maybe Gearbox can actually do something interesting with the license after this.

BeastlyRig2697d ago

I never expected this to be goty! I will still be getting this!


yea i dont think people care. its duke for god sakes

death2smoochie2697d ago

Run this ganme using the Cry Engine 3 or Frost Bite engine 2.0...
That would be damn impressive

Ares842697d ago

I think I will decide for myself.

Hellsvacancy2697d ago

Aint that the truth, i got demo access, ill hav a look later, im not expectin much, i like cheesy stuff and Dukes one liners always impressed me

BrianC62342697d ago

Anyone who expects this game to be like most games released today will be disappointed. It was started years ago. They didnt rebuild the game, they just finished it. It will probably end up more like a PS2/Xbox game.

shadowknight2032697d ago

its better then grapjics...its just no witcher 2 lol

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The story is too old to be commented.