Eurogamer: White Knight Chronicles II Review

Eurogamer writes "It is, without doubt, one of the most off-putting introductions to a game this year."

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rebirthofcaos3526d ago

in any case, I love WKC 1, even if for the reviewer is a bad game, will purchase it day 1.

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Trroy3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Same. WKC 1 was great, yet it got mediocre reviews.

A lot of media outlets have been hiring clueless journalists who are detached from the gaming communities they're supposed to serve, under the guise of "everyone's opinion is valid".

But that's not true at all. You have to have some interest in, and experience with, a genre to give a respectable review. Otherwise the opinion is just a random sampling, and hence, worthless -- no better than the opinion of any random person, and certainly worse than the opinion of of experienced player from that genre.

The reviewer actually claims that the JRPG genre is "disappointing" (in the general sense!) at the end of the review. "Unqualified reviewer" comes to mind... the guy freely admits he dislikes JRPGs in general (he finds the genre "disappointing"). Why should we give a ^%#* about his opinion again?

SephirothX213526d ago

So you're saying Eurogamer does this? Where is the evidence?

Trroy3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )


Read the last line of the review. The guy admits it freely.

The only way "A disappointment, then - for fans of a genre for whom disappointment is a familiar bedfellow." can be interpreted in a different manner would be to suggest that most JRPGs of the modern generation have been disappointing to fans of the genre.

I'm pretty sure that's not true at all. There are a couple big-name standouts (that a non-fan would know about, like FF XIII), but mostly JRPGs have been pretty good this gen. Star Ocean 4, Valkyria Chronicles, Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey (and yes, WKC 1), just to name a few of the better ones.

The handheld JRPGs have faired even better -- the number of phenomenal JRPGs to debut on the PSP and DS has been unbelievably high in the past couple years. (DQ9, Ys Seven, Ys Oath in Felgana, Crimson Gem Saga, Hexyz Force, Valkyria Chronicles 2, Phantasy Star Portable 1/2, FF IV collection, etc etc...)

A JRPG genre fan would know that. This guy clearly isn't one. He doesn't even seem to realize that WoW is a Western MMORPG, and that integrating those concepts with a JRPG is fairly unique. He claims its somehow commonplace, when, in fact, the only other JRPG example I can think of, which even comes close, is the .hack series from the PS2.

This review is a fine example of cookie cutter journalism. Eurogamer (and many other sites, including IGN, etc.) appears to honestly believe that "anyone" can review "any genre" and that the review is still valid. It's not. A review by someone who dislikes, or is indifferent to a genre, is meaningless, since it carries no more weight, with any crowd, than the weight of a review from a fan of that genre, and a fan's review carries more weight with other fans.

TBM3526d ago

Ill be picking this up regardless of the reviews since I did enjoy the first game.

FamilyGuy3522d ago

Oh yes, let's review this game and spend the majority of the review complaining about there not being a tutorial when part 1 is included. Comparing it to an offline version of WoW, and mentioning nothing about the actual game its self. Nothing about the story (did he even play it?), nothing about the difference in the battle system ("it's enhanced") and nothing about the online since the servers werent even up for it to be played online.

Yes, lets bundle the online aspect into a few sentences: "building your own towns returned", "you can play in parties of 6 now", "uhhh, yeah thats it"
1450 gameplay hours
20,207 geo visits

yes, reducing the online to two sentences is fair, I mean c'mon, it's only where you'd be spending the majority of your time with this game, no biggie, no need to even look at it.

The problem with the tutorial issue is the in japan wkcs2 forced you to have a completed game save from part 1, the english version does not. So, since he had the ability to skip it, thats just what he did.

I knew the reviews would be sh.itty like the first but this is more surprising than I thought. It's crazy he was able to create like 6 paragraphs of fluff an call it a review. I could literally write a better review based off of the previews alone. I have a hunch he played less than 5 hours of the storyline only of this game to be honest.

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Uncharted3Goty3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

it looks like White Knight Chronicles II might get the same reviews as 1

miyamoto3526d ago

Doesn't most Japanese games this generation get this kind of treatment from most Western nazi bloggers?

And the same with Japanese consoles?

This is Level 5 we are talking about.

I wonder what their score would be if this game was made by Europeans?

Hands Up For Games3526d ago

What a loadf of nonsense.

You dont agree with a review? Fine.

Dont call others integrity into it though, based purely on specualtion and guess work.

Heartnet3526d ago

Hmm yeh hes not being racist haha Its probz just a game where you have to play the first one through to get it :)

Redempteur3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

this review is nonsense ..

the similarities between wkc and wow are slim to none ..

And it doesn't even understand that the avatar is meant for Multiplayer .
Phantasy star universe did something similar ...

"blabla , it's not what i want it to be , so i'm not gonna look at the game but at what i want it to be : 5/10"

for example :
"the awkwardness of switching between targets during a battle leads to frequent frustration"
it's one button press.. how akward is that ??

WildArmed3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I'm w/ axel on this one.

While I don't believe it's the race of the devs that they are discriminating against. it's the genre of JRPGs.
They want JRPGs to be like WRPGs.. which is retarded.
They both are their own genres and reviewing a JRPG like a WRPG / FPS / H&S game is doing injustice to the genre.
Honestly, I've found the media here sooo critical of JRPGs.. While much more mediocre games get passed w/ a higher score, we have JRPGs getting by w/ 4-5s..
It doesn't take a genius to see that people are expecting something else of the game.

You can't play a H&S game looking for a FPS experience.

Reviews of JRPGs have been disappointing. It's come down to "buy every JRPG and test it yourself"
The media has sure let me down here. It may do a decent job w/ other genres, but it has failed me miserably in JRPGs.

You can't review a JRPG for FPS fans.. it just doesn't work that way.
Just like you can't review a FPS game for H&S fans.

'Reviews are above genres' is a short-sighted way of seeing things.
"All games most have over the top experiences to be good"
Jrpgs aren't built on a moment where you are hanging on a train or driving a snowmobile down a mountain.

Apples and Oranges.
Reviews seem to be blind to this.

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flyingmunky3526d ago

Its really sad. I was hoping for more acclaim so that new people would hop online. Oh well I'm still buying it regardless of how much everyone else hates it.

WildArmed3523d ago

haha, same.
It was funny, I started seeing alot of the same people again and again as weeks pasted in WKC1.
Got to know some of those crazy peeps well ^^

FamilyGuy3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Same, I was thinking there's no way it could get lower reviews, not with the first one bundled and old complaints resolved. I don't believe I've ever been more wrong lol.

Reading this was like having someone piss your face and claim it's raining.

chidori6663526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

i heard the first game was awfull,now they make a crap sequel?All I can say is lame,it just seams like every rpg game the japanese makes fails,and yes i consider white knight a failure.

fluffydelusions3526d ago

It's funny because the only bad things I heard about this game were in reviews but everyone I talked to who had it really enjoyed it.

RedPawn3526d ago

DID YOU SEE what Edge mag gave the Witcher, and that's supposed to be a critically acclaimed game so far. They may not be the same publication, but damn man this let's you know how fools stand when comes to RPG's.

BTW, WKC is an awesome series, not the BEST, but it gets the job done in the departments that surely being missed in RPG's nowadays.


miyamoto3526d ago

Wow, making assumptions on a game you haven't played.

Because that is what these Western bloggers wants you & everyone to think.

That Western RPGs or Western made games are 'superior' to Japanese made games.

Are you one of those easy to brainwash types or were you born yesterday?

Sorry, but these JRPG, tho made for the Japanese gamers, are not localized to the Western market if there is no demand, on a business standpoint.
And Level 5 also won't make a PSP version if the Japanese did not like it.

And the reviewer obviously ain't these kind of gamer the game was made for. He might be into WRPGs or FP Shooters.

These kind of reviews are just like "Telling Japanese to get off western shores & stay back in Japan." This is just the media backlashing on the Playstation brand after the success of the PS1 & PS2.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3520d ago

If the game was so awful, why would they have made a sequel? Did you even bother thinking about it?

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sarshelyam3526d ago

I won't believe this...loved the first game, so it's obvious this reviewer wasn't the target demographic for the series.

Ares843526d ago

5 out of 10. That's not a good score to say the least.

I didn't play WKC 1 but from what I have heard from people who have, the game is much better than reviews say. Also, knowing Eurogamer they still are on their "Crusade" to talk down and trash every PS exclusive to tarnish Sony's image for some reason.

I would not take any review about any PS3 exclusive from Eurogamer seriously.

kharma453526d ago

It's really not lol one of the most infuriating and tedious titles I ever played.

Level 5 can do so, so much better. You'd just be better off buying Dragon Age VIII and seeing what their truly capable of.

Ares843526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

I don't really know since I never played the game. I'm just sticking with Demon's Souls until Dark Souls is released. Only RPG I need really :D (other than Skyrim obviously) :D


Never played any Dragon Quest game.

sarshelyam3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Dragon Quest?

@Ares...I was hoping to correct kharma as he/she obviously meant Dragon Quest, not Dragon Age, in their poor attempt to be negative.

kharma453526d ago

Yeah my mistake, Dragon Quest not Dragon Age, my mistake :)

Anyway, wasn't a poor attempt to be negative, WKC was deeply flawed and didn't deserve a sequel.

sarshelyam3526d ago

I loved the first game, played through it well within a week (as did my wife). I'm not one who usually devotes enough time to finishing most games, but something about Level 5's old-school sensibilities really pleased me in WKC1.

Ares843526d ago

See? This is exactly what I'm talking about. Most people who played the game, loved it.

RandomGamer3526d ago

I expected this game to blow honestly the first one was below average as well.Just too bad JRPG genre has been crapped all over this gen compared to the last couple of gens.

Thank god Tales of Graces F is coming to North America next year.

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