Bruno Mars vs Rise Against Rock Band 3 DLC: WHO WILL CATCH A GRENADE?

Hopefully Bruno Mars will as he so adamantly sings.

Next week for Rock Band 3, Harmonix are unleashing pop culture powerhouses Bruno Mars and Rise Against as DLC for some extra modern rocking. In addition, you’ll be getting two PRO Guitar/Bass upgrades for legacy tracks by Mötley Crüe and Pearl Jam.

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Emilio_Estevez2694d ago

I will not catch a grenade, but will def go for some more Rise Against!

fluffydelusions2694d ago

Next week I'll be playing infamous 2 so I won't be catching grenades or anything of the sort.

Sidology2694d ago

Probably for the better.

RustyMagus2694d ago

I wouldn't catch a grenade for Bruno Mars. If I did, I'd probably just throw it at him.

BeastlyRig2694d ago

Waht about Guitar Hero:Elite?