New FIFA 12 information - team personality, presentation styles, and more

SystemLink: "The latest issue (059) of the Official Playstation Magazine UK has a feature on FIFA 12, the latest iteration of the EA's flagship sports title. As well as new screenshots, there's plenty of information on the new FIFA, described as a 'revolution, not an evolution'. What's changed? Find out below."

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Yi-Long2790d ago

... but just fix the replays so you can save more then 5, upload more then 5, allow for longer replays, and if you want to re-watch them from your own HDD, keep it possible to check it from all angles, instead of having to use the crappy 'Highlight Theater'!

Ow, and include a player-editor that's IN-GAME, like the old Game-face editor in Tiger Woods, instead of having to go through an EA-website which only offers a sucky editor.

I love my FIFA, but these are things that should have been resolved ages ago already, considering PES5 did all this right already in 2004!

T-K47x2790d ago

I love how they used Park as an example for somebody with poor vision xD.