E3 2011: Square Enix Will Have an Amazing Lineup

"Square Enix have unveiled their set of games for E3 2011, and all I can say is wow." - PureDarkness

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stonecold32696d ago

i just hope they will give us release date for ffvs 13 and when its going to be released. if not i hope they are at the sony confrence to be announced?

DarkCharizard_2696d ago

Final Fantasy XIII 2 and Dragon Quest X.....

maxcavsm2696d ago

Jesus, I didn't realize Dead Island, Tomb Raider were both Square...hmmm...maybe there is some hope for their lineup

DaThreats2696d ago

FF13V missing
So No....

JATOSIN2696d ago

I hoe they did the gameplay of FFXIII I liked the story swell I just did not like being funneled through the game