OXM: The problem with L.A. Noire

OXM writes: "When we talk about progression within the industry, there's a tendency for us to focus on technical landmarks. Looking back on L.A. Noire in ten years time, the history books will likely focus on the significance of the game's innovative facial animations. It's certainly impressive, but it's not the benchmark I'll remember."

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Kakihara2698d ago

Weird, I think it's a deeply deeply flawed game but for completely different reasons. I think, even if they are trying to create a wholly new type of game experience it should be created for people who have actually put the time in to learn the basics of playing videogames. Just like a good book assumes you have a decent knowledge of the nuances of language. Blaming a game for your 60-something mother's inability to play it is like blaming the work of George Orwell because your thirteen year old gamer son didn't understand the irony and allegory of it.

Like I said though, I think LA noire is flawed to a degree that it just about ruins the game for me but I think that flaw is the fact that it holds your hand way too much. I enjoyed it for a while but now I've just stopped playing and can't start again because I go into every investigation knowing I'm not going to be the one who solves it.

This game would have been amazing if you had to piece together the info for yourself and if you had the choice of who you actually wanted to pin the crime on (I mean every time, rather than occasionally having a 50/50 chance and having to do another chase scene if you guessed wrong).

The thing that sums up the problem with this game for me is this... I've said it before and I'll say it again. There's something very wrong with a detective games that actually requires you to accuse the wrong guy numerous times.

Kakihara2698d ago

"There's something very wrong with a detective games that actually requires you to accuse the wrong guy numerous times."

For the sake of clarity, I should phrase that as, 'There's something very wrong with a detective game that actually requires (or even forces) you to accuse the wrong people on numerous different occasions'.

InfiniteJustice2698d ago

I couldn't agree more, took the words out of my mouth with that last paragraph.

The first time I did those cases I was sitting there thinking 'I don't think any of these guys are the culprits. There's always a hole' - yet the game forces you into making a judgement. LA Noire does a really good job of making an extremely linear game look like it's got branching options.

There really isn't any middle ground between right and wrong. It's a case of either picking the guy the game wants you to pick, which equals success - or picking the 'wrong' guy, in which case the game and the Captain will rip the crap out of you for making a very logical and thoughtful decision.

The exact same thing can be said about interrogations. It's either 'congratulations! you were right!' or 'WRONG ANSWER, MORON'.

Saying that, I still enjoyed it... But it's no where near a perfect game, it has glaring flaws.

kza2698d ago

I like that they where trying new things but IMO it gets boring fast. It feels like GTA with interrogations "been there done that".

Capital Dream2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Ok now I'm getting sick of all this L.A nore post. Every day and all day. If the person did not have his or her reviews in by the first month of sales,then it should not be posted.This other post about stupid info, little info being posted is for the bird's.