SCEA celebrates seventh anniversary of PS2

Today Sony Computer Entertainment America celebrates the seventh anniversary of the launch of its PlayStation 2 videogames console in North America.

The PS2 first launched across the US on October 26, 2000 and has since gone on to accumulate worldwide sales of over 120 million units – making it the most successful videogames console ever released.

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Marona4497d ago

Happy Birthday PlayStation 2. Thanks for the great games! =P

predator4497d ago

i can remeber going into game getting the ps2 a few days after launch and trying to decide to get tekken tag or ridge racer, ended up getting tekken tag

PlayStation3604497d ago

first game for my PS2 was Tekken Tag Tournament. Yo I still play that game every once in a while :) Unknown was one of my favs :P

nobizlikesnowbiz4497d ago

Tekken Tag + Midnight Club (pretty sure it was MC) = my Ps2 launch.

So many great memories on that console...

paul_war4497d ago

I remember having a 'Dreamcast fund' all those years ago, but that quickly changed into a PS2 fund.

predator4497d ago

yeah i had a dreamcast, that was a sad day sega annouced the death of it

paul_war4497d ago

Yep. Especially as I grew up with the Mega Drive.

predator4497d ago

same here, and master system

kss4497d ago

happy birthday baby

gEnKiE4497d ago

Cheers to the greatest console of all time! IMO anyways...

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