2K Games: ‘Duke Nukem is the antidote for today’s clichéd FPS archetypes’

2K Games has begun issuing a number of new assets to the press for the upcoming launch of the long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever. Chief among them is a key definition of the game and the market at which it’s aiming, going as far as to suggest that “Duke Nukem is the antidote for today’s clichéd FPS archetypes.”

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Angels37852719d ago

I love that picture....tells you everything you need to know about in one snapshot.

On topic: Yes I am of all the clichéd FPS games out (cough..cough MODERN WARFARE cough..cough)


I heard this speech before... The non-cliché FPS, playing just for oldschool fun, moving away from the modern realist take on shooters...

It was called Bullesomething and no one remembers of it.I believe it was launch 3 or 4 years ago... Oh wait... They didn't had boobies.

beeeffess2719d ago

Well after playing the demo I doubt that's the case.

Regenerating health and 2 weapons max wasn't a good idea.

despair2719d ago

wait they limited the weapons?

GrumpyVeteran2719d ago

Yeah, you can only hold 2 weapons at a time. Terrible design choice imo.

Pretty much you just keep swapping them every 5 minutes anyway, making the system redundant and annoying. So like you switch one weapon but then you find the weapon you dropped 5 minutes later on again anyway. Stupid system.

despair2718d ago

meh, never liked the two weapon system and what you described sounds even dumber. Still its not a deal breaker but I'm liking the game less and less the more I hear about it unfortunately.

L6RD7BLU32719d ago

Finally someone on N4G that isn't a dumbazz or grammar officer. Duke Nukem will be a break off of these serious FPS games.