Nineteen Minutes with Dead Island: Was the Trailer Too Good to Be True?

"Thanks to the fellows over at Pixel Enemy, there is now a 19 minute gameplay video for Dead Island; you know, the one with the awesome trailer? Yeah, that one. So I’m gonna throw in my own two cents about whether it lives up to that hype."- PureDarkness

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maxcavsm2696d ago

Wow, that was a surprise. I knew the trailer was going to be misleading, but this looks pretty damn good. A little too much throwing of melee weapons though...

mittwaffen2696d ago

Hell no man,

past to gens all the best games were mainly shooters; I like this different aporch its very freshing how it forces you to use skill to kill..and even more skill when done is mass. Guns are rare so only pulled out when shit hits the fan.

I pre-ordered.

Darkfiber2696d ago

Completely different from the trailer but it still looks fun in its own way.

Who2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Looks really good but like most FP games, this gave me a headache after a few mins. I wish there was an option for third-person but I know that would take away from the thrill and suspense of not knowing whats behind you.

PureDarkness2696d ago

Also, it adds to the immersion in general. I can see a lot of moments in that game where you are actually shitting yourself and wondering how the hell you are gonna escape still alive.

FanboyPunisher2696d ago

Talk about making a real game; and not a game for a quick buck!

GOOD JOB DEVELOPERS; This will be a zombie game benchmark...easily, nothing comes even close to what was shown in the feels exacly how you'd imagine playing a zombie game. Hard and fun as fuck, you feel the weight and power in each swing like if you fail to knock it down in one hit your dead (kind of hit).


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