E3 2011: What Sony Needs to Do for Syphon Filter 4

"According to several gaming news sites, Syphon Filter 4 was accidentally revealed on the Playstation blog recently and then taken down shortly afterwards. Now there is talk that Sony will be revealing the long anticipated sequel at this years E3."- Heyfling

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fluffydelusions2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Instant purchase. Hopefully it's true.

Fir3truck2695d ago

I love the Syphon Filter series. To bad I don't have a PS3 so I could play it.

the_best_player2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

You are really missing out then on all the PS3 only games.

PureDarkness2695d ago

If these rumours are true I might just jizz myself. And it would have been a great revel during their presser, they'll be kicking themselves now.

maxcavsm2695d ago

What? Cheap knock off of Sam Fisher? Why's everyone so psyched for this game? Oooh, tasers. Big deal.

Dart892695d ago

Errr wrong if anything splinter cell is a rip off of Syphon Filter it was released in 1999 and the 1st splinter cell was released in 2002.

waltyftm2695d ago

Fail, Syphon filter was on the PS1, Years before Ham Fisher was even a twinkle in his Dads eye.

chidori6662695d ago

lmao,gabe logan kick ass of sam crap fisher anyday.

Pintheshadows2695d ago

This will be a day one buy one buy from me.

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