Shocking Introduction: A Look at the Duke Nukem Forever Demo

From "I’ve never been a huge fan of the Duke Nukem franchise, but certainly not because it is a bad game. To be honest, I’ve just never really taken the time to sit down and play it. Borderlands, on the other hand, just so happens to be one of my favorite games of all time, and being the collector that I am, I jumped on a recent deal to snag a copy of the Game of the Year Edition ridiculously cheap. Packed in with the GOTY Edition of Borderlands was a code to access the Duke Nukem Forever demo… if and whenever that ever saw the light of day. Well folks, that day has arrived and this morning upon logging into the access page, I was pretty excited to see my download code sitting waiting for me."

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madpuppy2695d ago

"I’ve never been a huge fan of the Duke Nukem franchise"

homo...The Duke is gonna rip your head off!!!

ian722695d ago

Looks ok, not great but ok. The person playing in that demo was quite poor at aiming, did more missing than hitting.
It seems like if it was released years ago, like it should have it would have been great. But coming out now, its nothing special.
It does look like lots of fun though and thats what really matters I suppose.

madpuppy2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

HOOPER!! the cage goes into the water, you go into the water....the sharks in the water.....Oh and a' fare well to yah' sweet spanish maiden...Oh, and a' fare well to you lady of Spain!

steve30x2695d ago

I played the demo and the videos and pictures shown give no justice to how good the graphics are in the game with max settings 1080P on PC.