How Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft could "Lose E3 2011"

With E3 being the "Superbowl" for video games, the last thing Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony will want to do is under-impress. Here is a list of things that each company should avoid to help them not lose E3 2011.

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DA_SHREDDER2698d ago

To my sony already lost, event though its got good games, you really dont need a 5 hour conference to talk about some games your releasing. Xbox always only has third party games to talk about, makes me wonder what would happen to them if EA or Activision came out with their own consoles, they would be screwed then. My hope is that with all the wealth Nintendo has made, they invested into next gen early, so we can finally play games that look like they can only be done on pc, and finally have xbox live online clone, and play Mario, zelda, and Metroid in HD. I hope nintendo destroys them all.

tehpees32697d ago

we haven't seen anything yet. I think Sony's E3 will be good

somerandomdude2697d ago

How the hell are you getting Sony losing with that logic?

Nintendo does have the most to lose or gain at E3 though.

SilverSlug2697d ago


Pesico2697d ago

Sony does NOT have a 5 hour long conference. It will be 1.5 to 2 hours like usual. It's a before party and after party for the press and the total amount will be 5 hours. Some rumors die hard I suppose.

pixelsword2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Nintendo... I like the company, but they really have nothing that will deal with games that the PC, PS3, or 360 will have because they are "family" centered. Sure, they'll always have the kids because Nintendo is best for kids, if I had a kid, I would get them a Nintendo console, but to be honest, and if you think about it, Nintendo's next console won't be a popular because their biggest boost was the older crowds, and since they may not really care to get another console (how are you going to convince a 90+ year old that he needs another console when his old one might outlive him? Or, if they really enjoy the games they have and don't see the need to place one perfectly good console aside for another?)

kramun2697d ago

What a load of crap. The reason I have a Wii is because it's got games on it unlike anything you will have on pc,ps3 or 360. The Wii's got plenty of great games, just because they can be loved by old and young alike does not mean that the games aren't great. And after the Wii they have a much larger fanbase that will buy the next console because it's made by Nintendo. To think otherwise is foolish.

pixelsword2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

You think so?

Let their next console cost the same as the PS3, let alone the 360; you'll see them in 3rd quicker than liquor.

The only reason so many sold in the first place was their price point: games, especially legacy games, came second in this case because their most lauded game were not the traditional Mario games (minus Mario Kart... still in my top three favorite racing games of all time next to Rock 'N' roll racing and Motorstorm) or Samus or Link: they were Wii sports, Wii resort, ... and who played that the most? Mostly, not the legacy gamers.

And that's NOT knocking Nintendo or the legacy gamers, but you have to realize that the face of the Nintendo gamer has changed, and if Nintendo is smart (which they already proven that they are) they will make adjustments accordingly. Now what does that mean for E3? I don't know, but they, out of the three, are the only ones truly poised to make the next gen jump and not piss-off their core. Sony isn't because they freaking made the flux-capacitor of consoles which means they have repeatedly broken barriers that no other console has done, and many a Sony fan will be not so ready to switch over because the PS3 is still not tapped out (seeing that the PS3 did one 1080p, nearly 60fps game in 2007).

Microsoft is kinda in a jam: if Nintendo goes Blu-Ray or do what they do and make their own disc comparable to a Blu-Ray, that will force their hand to go next gen because the 360 was last-gen in terms of disc space out of the box.

Microsoft kinda has to jump because of what Nintendo WILL do, but what will Nintendo actually do?

What they ought to do is repeat what they did to be #1 in sales this gen, but what will that entail?


1. a low-cost console to give gamers easy access to their games.

2. take the games which sold and adapt them to the next gen.

3. get the 3rd parties back on their side (which should be easy, but you never know because Nintendo has a rep for being a little overbearing in terms of blood, gore, and religious symbols) And Yes, I know about Dead Space on the Wii; but I want to see Nintendo do their version of Dead Space; which brings me to my fourth point:

4. break their own laws. Give Metroid the adult spin it deserves. Put Link's world into the most cutting-edge tech possible. Make Mario's adventures ones that rival the games of old.

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apollo062698d ago

Yeah I'm kind of rooting for them as well. I know we are going to get a ton of good games so Thats all I care about.

But I cannot wait to see project cafe

Machioto2697d ago

That doesn't really count because their problem stated after they launch.

Inception2697d ago

Just...gimme great games!!!

i don't f*kin care who's win if kaz hirai, steve job, bill gates, kevin butler, and satoru iwata kill each other on E3 stage with samurai / guns

pixelsword2697d ago

actually, I'm hoping for it...

AtomicGerbil2697d ago

It's an exhibition, not a competition.

JellyJelly2697d ago

Journalists are competing for the most childish headlines it seems.

pixelsword2697d ago

and they all always win.

Gaming journalists does not equal legitimate journalists is most cases.

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