Electronic Arts Reveals E3 Lineup And Its Huge

GB: "Electronic Arts have releases their list of games that they are planning to show off at this years E3 and we must say its quite a list!"

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Son_Lee2697d ago

Still waiting on Mirror's Edge 2. *Sigh*

Thrungus2697d ago

There is always next year! *sigh*

I_find_it_funny2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

I needed to google "World Series Superstars" it turned out it's baseball, at first I thought it's the Strongman game lol

snipermk02697d ago

Only games I'm looking forward to from that list are BF3 and NFS: Run. Just cos I liked the previous NFS: hot pursuit. I hope they include a story mode this time around like most wanted.

Winter47th2697d ago

Mirror's Edge 2 was in the works but EA pulled the plug on it 2 months ago. You're welcome.

lil Titan2696d ago

they need to make SSX more arcadey like SSX all the SSX games. why they hell do i want realism on that title? hope they dont ruin it like they did NBA Street. at this point i would be happy with a port and i guarantee if they port NBA Street Vol 2 there will be nothing but gamebreakers for my opponents

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Lucreto2697d ago

They still have some unannounced games they will show off.

movements2697d ago

Battlefield 3 CONSOLE footage.

TGM2696d ago

What does it matter either way? Even if console footage is shown, the PC version will still look better regardless of whether we get to see it or not.

B-radical2696d ago

All you ever complain about is battlefield 3 console footage. It will still look better the call of duty! so stop it

Takoulya2696d ago


Obviously, people who don't have a gaming PC want to know how it will look on consoles. The world doesn't revolve around what only you have.

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Ascalon942697d ago

I don't think there suppose to be making a sequel for that, but I might be wrong

SilentNegotiator2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Don't hold your breath for Mirror's Edge 2...

Nothing for NGP?

Then again, they might be excluding these from their lists to make it a surprise at E3.....maybe.
I'd be surprised if they had NOTHING for NGP's launch year.

Soldierone2696d ago

Could also be apart of Sony's plans. Thus Sony will be the ones announcing it not EA. Its happened many times before.

Considering the only actual NGP title we know for sure about is Uncharted, so the chances are even higher.

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fluffydelusions2697d ago

FIFA 12, BF3, SSX, ME3 are what I'm interested in most.

MidnytRain2697d ago

I'm anticipating media on BF3, Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning, and ME3. I could care less about all those sports repeats.

MidnytRain2697d ago

ARRGGHH! You caught me at my own game, and it's too late to edit. I'll be tracking you for now on, stevenhiggster. There is no place to hide your inevitable writing mistakes!

joydestroy2697d ago

BF3, Star Wars TOR and ME3 FTW!

RedPawn2697d ago

Remake the Immortal, PLEASE!!!

snipermk02697d ago

Good, now go clean up the barracks soldier!

fluffydelusions2697d ago

Soldiers don't say oorah. Marines do :)

snipermk02697d ago

LOL. I'm from Canada so I wouldn't know. When we go to war (if ever), we just say, "let's go bomb the enemy, EH?"

ATiElite2697d ago

I thought you Canadians say "War oh no call the United States"!

just kidding, I actual met some Brave Canadian soldiers while deployed to the Middle East and we would joke with them. they were really cool and made fun us too.

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