Top Ten Developers of All Time - #8 Square Enix

Ripten lists its top ten developers of all time, fantasizing their way to #8, Square Enix.


#10 Activision


#8 Square Enix

#7 LucasArts

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Bebedora4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

make a poll among the devhouses instead. I think they are more in the know of which is the top ones.


Here is mine:

1. Square-Enix
2. Kojima
3. Insomniac
4. Level-5
5. Bioware
6. Activision
7. Team Ninja
8. Blizzard
9. Epic

Level-5 and Insomniac was a struggle though.

mesh14875d ago

obove shhoo with ur snonytard self here is mine based on games ive played throw a period of 8yrs.
1. bioware
2.ubisoft Montreal
4.silicon knights
6. valve
8. 2kgames

cr33ping_death4875d ago

bungie???? all they got is one popular title and thats HALO...... and before you start b!tching and moaning yes i have halo 3 and yes i like it....but like i said bungie only has HALO.

allforcalisto4875d ago

poster above you is entitled to their opinion.

In my opinion your list is pretty dodgy.
Silicon knights beating the devs that brough ust halo, metal gear solid, Half life and devil may cry, resident evil, zone of the enders?

errr no.

1) Squeenix

2) Konami





jjfunaz4875d ago

Bioware and Rockstar are no where near the top 10. ALhough they will probably be on the list.

Rockstar is without a doubt the most over rated game developers of all time. They have had ONE successful franchise, all other attempts at games have been complete trash, warriors, bully, table tennis. Even GTA is a POS game. I will give them that GTA3 was revolutionary and created a new genre, but they haven't done anything since except for reuse the same model each game therafer.

Bioware is the same thing. All of their RPGs are exactly the same. They are great if you play one, but after the 4rth game you play you realise its the same as all their others but with just different characters.

Blizzard will have to be in the top 3 I think, with RTS, RPG, MMO, being defined by them they would have to be.

Also if you think that Nintendo is not #1 by head and shoulders your crazy. Nintendo has defined what video games are. They have created more genres, and defined exellence in existing genres more then any other company. The DS has been out for 4 years and no one has come close to being able to utilize it to its fullest as nintendo has with Zelda PH. They are truly the world leaders in game development.

Bebedora4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

I cannot agree with you on that one. They have been trying new things to CRPG and RPG as in PnP. Neverwinternights being what I am talking about. They definitely pushed RPG forward on that one.

Nintendo - I totally overlooked that one myself. The rest of my list is as I said below based on my own "playground". Not to play down Nintendo, but they aren't really in my game libs either.

[Edit] And when you think about it, it also goes to the one making this news article. He is biased and all. I just tried to prove that there is no universal list to top ten devs of all time.

DeckUKold4875d ago






Rooftrellen4875d ago

You have the first list with Nintendo at the top.

Everyone else must have forgotten that the Mario franchise, alone, has sold almost 200 million games.

I also like Sega at #2.

In fact, my only real qualm with your list is that, at #3, I would have Square Enix, and totally drop Sony. Final Fantasy, as of late, hasn't had the wonderful experiances we used to see, but they're not so far removed from the first 7, which were all, at least, very good, that we can discount them yet.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4875d ago

1) Square-Enix
2) Level-5
3) Konami
4) Capcom
5) Infinity Ward
6) Epic
7) Insominac
8) NCSoft
9) Valve

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