Kojima's 'Fox Engine': First Ever Direct Feed Screenshots

Just last night at Konami’s press conference, industry legend Hideo Kojima unveiled for the first time his multiplatform games engine, and it was shown in action for a short time. What we saw was amazing: a character in a lush green forest with a horse eating in the background, and now with visual proof, behold for yourself what the Fox Engine is capable of below the break.

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MinusTheBear3668d ago

Wow if it looks this good on xbox can you imagine it on PS3.

Shanks3668d ago

This level of graphics is impossible on PS3 and 360 combined.

Focker4203668d ago

LMAO, go play Uncharted 2 and then come back and make that claim...

MintBerryCrunch3668d ago

just because he used a 360 controller doesnt mean that it was being run by a 360, or a 360 dev kit...both the 360 pad and DS3 can be used on PC's...thats why both controllers and a mouse were connected to the same machine and Kojima decided to pick the 360 controller during the interview

Simon_Brezhnev3668d ago

i dont know why you getting disagrees its pretty true but a lot of people are in denial.

MisterAV3668d ago

just because there was a keyboard doesn't mean was a PC, probably can be connected if it's 360 dev kit.

Also DS3 can't be easily connected to a PC

MintBerryCrunch3668d ago

because downloading a ds3 driver off the net is very difficult

MisterAV3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

downloading is simple but installing's not. It requires buggy usb library and even the official sony driver from dev kit is buggy on my x64

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the_best_player3668d ago

well it's not as good as Uncharted 2 graphics

3668d ago
MisterAV3668d ago

They're probably on par, but I don't think fox engine screenshot are in-game.

@jappy-k multiplayer has worse graphics in almost every game

kingdoms3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

The demo was running on a 360 dev kit.

No need for you guys to spin your denial trickery on this the whole industry knows.

Number one is right if it looks this good on 360 It's no wonder they are hiding the ps3 version showing off the tech on a platform that will hurt him with most of his fans. Ps3 must be having trouble showing all that RAM heavy detail.

MinusTheBear3668d ago

more like they are showing off the weakest version to show how well the engine works.

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trounbyfire3668d ago

plastic anyone even the leaves look plastic, not impressed at all

movements3668d ago

It does not look like plastic. It looks so real it looks like plastic. That's the thing. lol

Biggest3668d ago

Unless it's supposed to be plastic, it shouldn't look like plastic.

Wizziokid3668d ago

aslong as each version dosen't get dumbed down to meet the other consoles needs I'm fine with it

Shmotz3668d ago

Imagine how MGS3 would look on this.