Why the World NEEDS Duke Nukem (more now than ever)

How does a fictional video game character fit into a mens' counter revolution 40+ years in the making? Duke's very existence is a mishmash of one liners & attitude problems "borrowed" from cinema's macho-est tooth chippers. Dirty Harry. Ash. John McClane. The Terminator. While any one of those characters are a fine example of men better than you, combined they form THE Duke. A perfect testosterone beast who won't take any of your lily livered bull spit. While the rest of us are too busy separating our whites from colours, Duke is readying picket signs for our march… admittedly, that march only goes around one block that has both a strip bar and a liquor store on it, but we're marching dammit!

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pixelsword2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

If you need a game character to make you go into a strip bar and a liquor store, you need more help than him...

*swigs Jack Daniel whilst slapping the rump of the skankiest stripper in Vegas*