Daily Joypad - Green Lantern Hands-on Preview: Saving the Cosmos With Green Lantern

When the big blockbuster summer titles arrive at the cinema each year, a video game tie in usually lands in stores around the same time. It’s also the time of year when the game release drought begins, and a few gamers looking for something new to play might just be tempted in picking up the latest movie based game. As you browse the shelves of your local video game store looking for something new, your eyes become fixed on the game of the film you enjoyed at the cinema recently. You remember seeing a few screenshots and a trailer or two for the game and, although the review scores were a little on the low side, it can’t actually be that bad…right? Lets face it, deep down we all know that the chances of a movie tie-in title actually being any good is about as likely as finding yourself a spare super hero during the darkest of nights.

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