Dealspwn: Arcana Heart 3 Preview

DealSpwn writes:
The Q&A for Arcana Heart 3 seemed to be a calm affair, but then again appearances can be deceiving! Things quickly descended into chaos as the panel began to throw T-Shirts, posters, and even limited edition copies of Blazblue Continuum Shift into the crowd. People reverted back to their primal instincts to try and grab a freebie or two and it became hard not to believe that some cosplayers had truly become the animal characters they were portraying. Once it came round to talking about the game though, a hush quickly fell across the audience.

To kick things off, we were told that the reason behind the reintroduction of the series outside of Japan, was down to the success of the Blazblue and Guilty Gears series, which apparently have been going down a storm in the western world. Also, a petition for the game’s release was signed and presented to the developers, so it seemed like a good idea to get it into the hands of its loyal fans.

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