WWE '12 To Have One Of The Largest Rosters In Franchise History

According to the latest press release from THQ, WWE '12 is expected to have one of the largest rosters ever assembled in a WWE video game.

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fourthpersonview2697d ago

I hope THQ would ditch the old guys like Jake Roberts, Superfly or any other Golden Age Superstars and replace them with Pre/Post/Attitude Era wrestlers like Goldberg, Lesner, Test(RIP) & X-Pac

jbl3162697d ago

Agreed. X-Pac is likely and Goldberg signed a legends contract. Test (RIP) and Umaga (RIP) will be cool too. Lesnar is unlikely as he's still with the UFC at the moment though.

oOMICHAELOo2696d ago

Agree totally. I'm a hardcore wrestling fan, but not of the golden age. I'm an attitude man through & through. O also hope they finally listen to the fans this year, and give us the 2002,2003 Rock. They never got the old school version right.

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ScubaSteve12696d ago

so WHERE HAS EDDIE GUERRERO BEEN, why hasnt he been in the games.

topgun332696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

i have to agree with you. I loved to use Eddie Guerrero in Smackdown shut your mouth. I loved the fact that he was in all stars but not I m not going to for 64 bucks for an arcade style game that has no repeat value once you fight the legends, and there is no career mode. I hope he is in this year's game as a legend

Irnbruguy2696d ago

Just need The Rock & Austin & Mankind

blu3print2696d ago

Edge's career should live on in these games. And what these games also need is a living roster, keeps up to date with storylines etc.

Foxgod2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Edge still lives, he retires due to his neck injury.
What he means is that Edge should be inserted in every WWE game to come.

Same should apply to guys like Randy Savage (rip), LOD, Hulk hogan, Eddy, Goldberg, Brock lesnar, RVD etch.

Why the hell remove wrestlers?
Just insert them as past footage, the wwe can show any wrestler from the past on tv, because they own the footage, just recreate the past footage in game form to bypass any lawsuits.

You seriously cant expect that people keeop buying these games, if their favorite wrestlers are kicked off the roster and get replaced with a bunch of noobs.

dktxx22696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Oh well thats good (or better then what I though anyway. Bubbles for the info.

nevin12696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )


Jake Roberts was a great character/wrestler. damn kids.

anyway, I didnt know Test died?

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The story is too old to be commented.