Sony E3 Site Teasing 4 New PS3 Games?

GB: "As most of you guys know that Sony's E3 site is now live and is currently displaying the NGP, Jack Tretton and five PlayStation 3 games which are: Uncharted 3, Ratchet and Clank All 4 One, Twisted Metal, Resistance 3 and inFamous 2. If you look closely all of these five games are represented by nine blocks. Four of these blocks are empty. Here is the screenshot with a marker"

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Nate-Dog2787d ago

I'm doubting TLG will be one of those since Ueda won't be at E3, who knows though.

I_find_it_funny2787d ago

Sony has great lineup, but I hope for some new IP's hope they will deliver.

MintBerryCrunch2787d ago

if they are new IP's...i hope they dont go the route of teasers/CGI trailers if or when they reveal them at E3

Istanbull2787d ago

ZOMG Sony moar gamez??? My wallet...

malamdra2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I have the data from an inside source:

Heavenly Sword 2 by Santa Monica
David Cage's new game
Zone of the Enders 3
Syphon Filter 5

Beast_Master2787d ago

you mean Syphon Filter 4. My Guess:

Syphon Filter 4
Quantic Dream's new game
Incognito's new game (we thought it was Starhawk but that is being done by a new developer)
Sony Santa Monica: either GOW4 or Heavenly Sword 2
Could also see a new Create/share game.

Also Gurrilla may reveal their new IP. Agent may finally see a trailer, Still no idea what
Kojima is working on other than HD remakes, Rising is being worked on by his protege. Square has been very quiet as well.
Also should see some extra content annouced for EA games and Assasin's Creed and Batman.

xcroptic2787d ago

Agent, the Getaway 3 & GTAV is all I need this E3! I know its a lot to ask for...

fluffydelusions2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Agent really PLEASE already but I don't think this would be considered "new" since it was already announced.

shikamaroooo2787d ago

Obviously its 4 games that haven't been announced cant wait

koehler832787d ago

My guesses: Syphon Filter 4, Sly 4, God of War 4 and Heavenly Sword 2.

No new IPs this year? Damn. We'll see.

Surfaced2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I'm gonna have to cut Heavenly Sword 2 and God of War 4 because the rumors on those have been relatively cool lately. Plus Ninja Theory is already working on DmC. But HS and GoW are so similar that they wouldn't be revealed at the same time, anyway. And Sly 4 is coming eventually... but I don't think we'll hear about it at E3.

David Cage essentially confirmed he would be showing his next game at Sony's conference. So that's one.

Then there are intense rumors about that action RPG from the french studio Dontnod, called Adrift. I think that's #2.

London Studio reported that The Getaway was merely delayed until after Eyepet was finished. That one is possible.

Studio Liverpool has something called "WipEout Trinity" cooking. That's another possibility.

Syphon Filter 4 being leaked from Sony's US site is pretty convincing. Maybe that's what Foster City has been working on.

Arrrghh.... just too many possibilities!! Guess we'll just have to wait and see what they are.

limewax2787d ago

I think the liverpool studio are the ones making Wipeout NGP.

And the London studio could be working on the getaway or eight days, either way, its going to be a really good e3

ceballos77mx2787d ago

dont forget the one Guerrilla games is working on.

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