Tomb Raider Trailer Analysis - Has Uncharted 3 met its match?

The first Tomb Raider trailer was released earlier this morning and what a treat it was! With the trailer giving gamers the first real glimpse at Tomb Raiders CG, it has to be asked whether this game could see Lara take dethrone Drake.

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movements3526d ago

Yes it has. that trailer is epic.

I_find_it_funny3526d ago

Uncharted doesnt need CG trailers

Shanks3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

PS3 games doesnt need CG trailers.

MintBerryCrunch3526d ago

lol, come again

what is Square Enix known for?

i'll let you answer that one

Dragun6193526d ago

We haven't seen the gameplay yet but I like the direction new Tomb Raider is heading, Still, I'm looking more forward to U3 cause it's Naughty Dog.

I_find_it_funny3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

this trailer was done by the same people who do SE CG's

@disagrees, look it up Visual Works

gallospqra3526d ago

An epic trailer doesn't necessarly make an epic game.

We should wait to see it in action before making any kind of judgement.

Lifendz3526d ago

I find it funny pretty much nailed it.

While I love the new design on Lara and the gritty feel look they're going for, I can't say this uncrowns or is on the same level as Uncharted simply because the trailer was all CG. Uncharted looks so good that I almost thought this trailer was in-game for a second. I mean, the CG looks almost as good as Uncharted real-time. Then I saw her hair move and I realized it was CG.

Not sure why so many sites do the whole does this game look as good as another established game. Especially when we don't even have any in-game footage.

young juice3526d ago

i for one am glad they are lookin like they are going back to the old ps1 tomb raider days. imo the classic TR have always had bad controls to me. but i still enjoyed them alot. but tomb raider underworld was crap and there was just no excuse.

i think good old lara croft could learn a thing or 2 from drake. ND didnt hesitate to use references and im sure lara was one of them.

Shaner_Bock3526d ago

It has? Because of a pre-rendered trailer and no in-game footage?

It is a pretty cool trailer, though.

kneon3526d ago

Far too early to say based on just a pre-rendered trailer, not matter how great it was, and it was great.

I love Uncharted but I hope this is better. I want every game to be better than Uncharted, why should we settle for less?

Vherostar3526d ago Show
inveni03526d ago

Please...... Uncharted 3 uses the engine for trailers...that's about as impressive as it gets.

DarkTower8053526d ago

Yes Uncharted 3 has met its match, it's called Uncharted 2.

Really though, can you blame this site for the garbage article header? I never heard of, they have to find some way to draw hits. However, if they would have put "Epic Tomb Raider trailer" or something like that it would have been more respectable. I am looking forward to this rehash of the TR series though.

MaxXAttaxX3525d ago

Sure, they have the lost-world genre in common. But they play different.

Also, you can't compare a CGI TRAILER to in-engine real-time footage.

Therealspy033525d ago


why does it have to be "xbots?" couldn't it be tomb raider fans? i personally find it to be a silly statement to say that a CG trailer outdoes any game, but i do think that tomb raider is probably making a move in the right direction. i also think it's silly to say that "uncharted doesn't need cg trailers" as if you are trying to say that the cut scenes in uncharted aren't heavily post processed. the cut scenes look much better than the's the same engine, sure, but it's also touched up like crazy and the details are heavily enhanced. uncharted is a good lookin game and it's fun, lets just leave it out of comparisons to tomb raider. we KNOW uncharted lifts heavily from tomb raider, if you think it doesn't, you're simply in denial. doesn't mean they can't co-exist, and it doesn't mean they don't both have potential to be great.

Treyb3yond3525d ago

Will the xbots ever just say "yeah actually we only have multiplatform games now" and give up?

Nahhh, that would be too much like common sense!

sikbeta3525d ago

You can't compare any game with a CGI-trailer...

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extermin8or3526d ago

Um a cgi trailer doesn't really make me interested and as there hasn't been a truly good lara croft game in a long long time I'll wait till I see ingame footage hmmm

SeanScythe3526d ago

I thought dead island CGI was better. Also Uncharted:DF's non CGI videos still beat this. UC2 is still top and UC3 will be the best.

baodeus3525d ago

@sean Scythe

"Also Uncharted:DF's non CGI videos still beat this. UC2 is still top and UC3 will be the best."

U can't be serious, an in game pre recorded video is better than CGI?

extermin8or3525d ago

@seanscythe um the new uncharted 3 cutscenes using the ingame engine may come close but tbh you can't expect ingame stuff to beat CGI...

FACTUAL evidence3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Why does all these dam reboots be so dam off track from the original 1st installment of the reboot?? (exaple is DMC) now this. This should be called starnded instead of tomb raider....It would probably be a good new IP.

Well trust me, it's not going to happen. That's like resistance taking over halo or something. I don't like halo but i know for sure Resistance won't top it. Same with UC and tomb raider...tomb raider will just be another reboot.

yume-k3526d ago

Uncharted is a rip-off of both Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones

XabiDaChosenOne3526d ago

A rip off thats better than the originals so I'm not complaining.

jdfoster003526d ago

How is it a rip off? Different story. Different characters. Different everything. Just a great game. Uncharted is an Amazing game... Welll ok... the best game out their. GOTY unncharted 2 and GOTY for uncharted 3. Looks amazing stop being in denial.

scotchmouth3526d ago

Adventure treasure hunting never occurred before a trilogy that was filmed in the 1980's? Read a book.

SCW19823526d ago

Did your mommy help you get the grammar and punctuation correct in that sentence. TROLL!

nskrishna23526d ago

It's not a rip off..
It's been inspired by both characters...
And as far as I know there are only 2 type of people in the world
1) Who like Uncharted
2) Who hate Ubcharted because they don't have it on their console
Admit's the truth

Pozzle3526d ago

A rip-off? I thought it was obvious that Uncharted is a HOMAGE to Indiana Jones and other similar movies?

And the Tomb Raider games haven't been good since, arguably, the PSone era. So what's wrong with Naughty Dog taking those ideas, developing and expanding on them, and turning them into an all-new game? They ended up creating a series that has all the best parts of Tomb Raider's treasure hunting and platforming, without any of the messy controls or shitty plotlines. Sounds like win-win, to me.

MaxXAttaxX3526d ago

Uncharted AND Tomb Raider (and Indiana Jones) are based from that genre.

Naughty Dog had clearly mentioned "Doc Savage" as one of their main inspirations.

2- Uncharted is more movie-like. An action, shooter, adventure game.
Tomb Raider games are an adventure, ancient mystery-type, fantasy games.

3- This is a pre-rendered CGI trailer!
How can you compare it with Uncharted's real-time visuals!?

cliffbo3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )


and indiana jones is a rip off of king soloman`s mines so what`s your point?

ever heard of a game called pitfall or aztec adventure?

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princejb1343526d ago

lmao a trailer is one thing actual gameplay and fun factor is another

ChrisPriestman3526d ago

I'm a TR fanboy, have been for 15 years, and I can tell you that this TR will be an entirely different type of game to Uncharted 3. Plus, this is coming out next year, so why are we even comparing these two games right now?

BeastlyRig3526d ago

If there was no tomb raider there would be no uncharted!

I just wonder will she be taking gears of war cover to!

SCW19823526d ago

You mean Winbacks cover. Give credit where it is due and learn your facts troll.

Rainstorm813525d ago

and even then, after winback was Kill.Switch

OMG there were games with a cover system before Gears...smh.. You are either really young or really naive.

As far as no tomb raider no uncharted....without uncharted's influence there would be no TR reboot and it would be a dead franchise, besides tomb raiding treasure hunters existed before Lara Croft.

Valkyre3526d ago

Αnother retarded article. Tomb Raider devs admitted that they are influenced by Uncharted when creating this game. So right off the start we have the old master (Tomb Raider) becoming the student.

Also from what we have seen the new Tomb Raider has nothing to do with the Uncharted series. It is a totally different kind of game style a different kind of story (it looks serious) and generally looks completely different.

That is not bad, it actually is very good because TR has been shit for many years now. This reboot seems amazing and it is a very good move. So it is not bad at all... it is just that the article is retarded... then again there has been an overabundance of retarded articles lately, must be cause a lot of people "went retard" I guess...

extermin8or3526d ago

stuck on a creepy old island... after you've crashed hmm noting like uncharted... ;) but still uncharted may have taken from TR and indianna jones ect but it took the best bit and added its own touch-it's better than the games it 'ripped off' so who cares...

jrbeerman113526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

every game takes ideas from other games, its part of video game evolution. Uncharted didnt invent climbing gameplay nor cover shooting, but you could argue that TR nor GeOW invented climbing and cover shooting either.

Uncharted didnt invent MoCap but they used it in ways that that other companies havent done yet (motion and voice acting at same time).

If something works and people love it, refine it into something greater.

Heres hoping that this game brings something different from Uncharted, if the trailer has any indicator, it is trying to make a bid budget game and change the TR series for the better. I am hoping we have a game that has more of a resident evil/die hard feel to it. A game based on surviving against all odds.

AKS3526d ago

I've began playing Tomb Raider with the very first game, and I've never found Tomb Raider and Uncharted to be that similar outside of the adventure/ explorer theme.

Uncharted's gameplay is MUCH more similar to Gears of War with a bit of Prince of Persia climbing and exploration.

Tomb Raider could set itself apart from the Uncharted franchise if they focused more on exploration, platforming, and puzzle solving. If they tried to go head-to-head with Uncharted and what ND does best with this series, they would be in trouble. I think they will be fine as long as they do their own thing.

waltyftm3526d ago


Where did i put my Keys.

metsgaming3526d ago

wow its CG its not how the gameplay will look not even close. Geez, anyway i might get it if the gameplay is cool, i like action adventure, i can love uncharted and still like something else in the genre.

phinch3526d ago

How can you say No when no gameplay has been shown?

ikkokucrisis3526d ago

show me gameplay and then we'll talk

Stempel3526d ago

shit, this is so full of PS3 fanboys it's killing me lol.

Rainstorm813525d ago

Then take your ragde azz outta here, its a conversation about a PS3 exclusive vs the new tomb raider CG trailer.

I guess this is a conversation for PC guys huh??? /s

AEtherbane3526d ago

Cool trailer, lol at the iphone 4 placement in it.

nskrishna23526d ago

I want this game to be as awesome as Uncharted 3. Lara Croft fan since forever..:)
But knowing Square Enix...well..lets hope for the best

dragon823525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

I agree. This is probably my most anticipated game for next year. I have been a TR fan since day one and this one is looking to be a great addition to the franchise.

Oh, and Tomb Raider and Uncharted are about as much alike as Uncharted and Gears of War are so can we please stop with that garbage right now.

nskrishna23525d ago

I know, right?..:D
At the moment I'm saving for a lot of games..
Unfortunately if I don't get a part time job soon I'll be broke forever...

joab7773526d ago

How do u make a comparison using cg. Anyway, why didn't they just create a new IP, like a female version of Drake Seton modern times. Why make it Lara croft. I know it generates buzz initially, but then comparisons are made and ultimately ppl will b pissed because its different. Seems strange. Especially in a time starving for be IP's.

The_Beast3525d ago

CHOKE BITCH. fail, this game is no match for uncharted.

show gameplay

FamilyGuy3525d ago

Well it was only a cgi trailer so I don't see how they can compare it to Uncharted but the trailer does look good and the voice acting/narrative sounds amazing/immersive. I hope it turns out to be fantastic but this isn't enough to go off of.

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Dan_Vivian3526d ago

It is looking pretty sick. But considering I don't really like uncharted, I believe it could be easy to top it. In a much less opinionated way though, it could be tough to top a franchise that is killing it in terms of action adventure games.

user83971443526d ago

I bet you have never played uncharted eh now youtube don't count.

Dan_Vivian3525d ago

I have, I've played both of them. But I really didn't get on with either. It's just an opinion though. Also, if you bothered to read the whole comment, I did go on to say "it could be tough to top a franchise that is killing it in terms of action adventure games."

VersusEM3526d ago

That trailer looked pretty bad ass. The cg graphics are incredible, and it looks like the game play could be like Uncharted's game play but with a little survival.

Lf_sIcKmAn3526d ago

Just for kicks, that happens to be the bermuda triangle, where all the ships and airplanes misteriously get lost... :)

Cloudberry3526d ago

I have to see the game-play first.

Theyellowflash303526d ago

Yeah a lot of people are failing to mention that there was no gameplay in there. Don't see how something can meet its match when we don't even know what it will play like.

darkdoom30003526d ago

If we're judging on CG, then FFXIII was best game ever, and the old republic is probably gonna win GOTY.

El-Fenemeno12133526d ago

Gameplay needs to be seen. On a side note, uncharted has a charm that tomb raider won't ever have (it wouldn't be a tomb raider game if so)