Ever Wondered Why Gaming Is So Awesome?

MediaKick: "After almost a month of preparation, editing and slaving over this video, it’s here, it’s done. A tribute to today’s gaming scene in preparation for the wonders that E3 will bring. I won’t lie, it’s been stressful and well, E3′s not even really begun yet. But gaming my passion, our passion; I love video games, I love playing them, writing about them and talking about them. I spend more time than I’d care to admit on this site, and on my passion, so, leaving all the hate, flaming and anger at the door, enjoy."

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Prcko2694d ago

For me Gaming is better than watching movies.

Hazmat132694d ago

all hail gaming. for his light will take us to reach, into the metro's of darkness for his light is the call of duty to us the Brink is our end, and our end will bring a new beginning and our Final Fantasy will be Uncharted for us to explore and dont forget. aperture science thanks you for trying.

MidnytRain2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Epic video, man. The soundtrack wart bumpin', too. The title reminded of this Awesome commercial. By far my all-time favorite:

Forever may he reign!


MintBerryCrunch2694d ago

Stephen Hawking...F*ck YEAH!

g-nome2694d ago

This is just the start.