NGP: 'Android Apps Not Compatible'

In a NowGamer interview, vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe has revealed that standard Android Apps will not be available for NGP, only those submitted to PlayStation Suite. More details here.

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miyamoto2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

I am a die hard PlayStation fan and I know the NGP ain't no smartphone but...

1 No Video Output?
2 No Android Apps?

So what was the custom Android OS there for?
How is this future proofing?
Even low end Android phones have video output & apps.

Disagree all you want but these are deal breakers.
I feel sorry for NGP.
In my humble & honest opinion..... NGP Not Gonna Purchase day 1 & will wait till Sony put these features on the NGP 2000 or 3000.

Looks like I will be enjoying my PSP 3000 much much longer & put my dollars on the Samsung Galaxy S II instead.

SandWitch2721d ago

Quite pity, but I think it won't take long while someone will make an emulator to run Android (and other touch-based platforms) apps/games.