Come on guys, give Sony a break

Opinion: Let the wounded giant lick its hacker wounds

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antboltonboy2694d ago

in all seriousness what has sony done wrong, and dont give me that crap about removing other OS because about only 1% of ps3 owners used it

movements2694d ago

Agreed. Why not attack another company...without Sony this industry would be rubbish.

M-Easy2694d ago

I said it b4 and I'll say it again. If Sony leaves gaming, I'll be following right behind them.

I_find_it_funny2694d ago

All Sony did is opposing piracy

SuperLupe2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

If Sony leaves the industry I'll play exclusively on MS and Nintendo platforms as well as the platform of the company who will see the opportunity to fill the void.

Dont know about you guys but I love gaming for gaming...not for Sony, MS or Nintendo.

Thats like the stupidest thing Ive heard in a while. If you're a real gamer why stop gaming just because Sony stops it... o_O

kharma452694d ago

Your loss then.

Whilst they've contributed significantly, Sony are not the be-all an end-all of the gaming industry.

Enate2694d ago

M-Easy I feel you, I may play the occasional PC game there after. Though the majority of my time will be spent doing something else. Sony's presence in the industry brings more then great games. It also brings balance and competition like no other. High quality exclusive after high quality exclusive forces everyone to step their game up.

Sony is the one company that has not forgotten the hardcore for a second. As far as games are concerned.

MintBerryCrunch2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

remember when this 1st happened...the group that discovered the flaw in the PS3's security never released the keys...their goal was to get OtherOS back, even though many believe that this argument is pretty sure that when these guys went into this...they werent thinking that EGOhotz would take the algorithm/equation, solve it and then post the keys for the world to see...the dumbass gets sued...the hacking scene gets its feelings hurt by how Sony is handling their response is to keep doing the same thing as EGOhotz, which is continually be a painful sore in Sony's ass

im just glad we have PSN and the store back...all of this will only give sony experience in future dealings and encounters with other hackers who WILL be stupid enough to do something crazy and then publicize it

koh2694d ago

If Sony were to disappear, it would certainly be a loss to the gaming industry, but I played video games before them and would transition to playing after them. What blind faith must you have in a company to dismiss anything a competitor will do in the FUTURE? Hypothetically, if another Playstation game was never produced again, you would just keep buying old games and completely ignore any game put out by MS, Nintendo or any other company that comes to the foreground in the next 50 years? That takes fanboyism to a new level in my book. That said, I hope Sony continues to make systems and games for a long long time.

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FACTUAL evidence2694d ago

I would give them a break if they give us Voice messaging/Psn ID change feature. ^.^

Max_Dissatisfaction2694d ago

1% of 50 million is 500 K people, thats 500 000 people that were cheesed of. The hacker community were probably part of that 500k people, take otheros away and you've got 500k pissed off people who also happen to have hackers amongst them.

Shadow Flare2694d ago

You realise 1% was number he made up right? I'd be surprised if 50 people used other OS. And to try to stop piracy and hackers ruining online gaming, I'd back Sony to get rid of OtherOS for the sake of so few people.

People buy ps3 to play games. When something threatens to ruin that experience, get rid of it.

mac_sparrow2694d ago

Given that when I worked in a GAME store about 80% of our customers hadn't read the folded piece of paper pretending to be a manual; and subsequently did not know that you could upgrade your hard drive so wanted to trade-in to a bigger model (yes, we told them, but only if they weren't dicks); I would be surprised if the amount of people even aware that they could use Linux was 1%.

JD_Shadow2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I'm surprised they knew what the PS3 WAS back then due to how incredibly non-existent Sony's adverting of the system itself (not to mention the features in it).

And giving Sony a break? Isn't that what most people on N4G have been doing throughout this whole ordeal?

Wizziokid2694d ago

sadly hackers have nothing better to do, they don't have social life and don't even know what life outside their moms house is like. they wont stop until they can't hack any more.

GrandTheftZamboni2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

It could be that Sony anti-piracy measures are working, so pirates vent their anger by attacking Sony web sites.

Falaut2694d ago

now an apologist spin... doesn't stop.

Kemicalbeliefs2694d ago

I'd love to know how people would feel if it was Microsoft and the Live network being constantly attacked?

dazzalfc2694d ago

Hopefully the same. I think the hackers forget that targeting Sony/MS/Ninty doesn't just harm those companies, but developers, contractors and us.

Look at the recent Sony Pictures hack. Thousands of peoples details leaked all over the net. In what way did those people deserve to have their details spread across the internet like that?

GusBricker2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I think the better question is, why doesn't it? Other than people complaining that it cost money.

And thus, why it isn't a problem. It's a paid service. MS probably employees the best hackers in the world to fight fire with fire. As they should.

Sony should follow suit.

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