Sony: 'NGP Dev Budgets Closer To PSP Than PS3'

Sony Worldwide Studios Europe vice president Michael Denny has revealed information about game development budgets for NGP to NowGamer. He also slightly suggests how this might affect pricing of games at retail.

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Iamback2693d ago

awesome and really important

MintBerryCrunch2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

its one thing coming from would be another if it came from lets say EA since its a 3rd party dev

edit: @below

it would only reinforce Sony's statement, they know the NGP inside and sure 3rd party devs will have to invest the time needed to get the most out of the not saying they are lying...but im sure budgets will vary once dev kits go out and devs finally get their hands on the machine

I_find_it_funny2693d ago

I wonder about games prices

Iamback2693d ago

not sure what are you trying to say, that Sony is lying? They would be called out almost instantly. You can't lie about those things, numbers are there.
Sorry to disappoint you.

fastrez2693d ago

New Wipeout and Uncharted look incredible.

Sugreev20012693d ago

Two Uncharted games in a single year,just an awesome 2011 imo.

jimmins2693d ago

NGP is more powerful than Xbox 360. Microsoft is crying.

TimmyShire2693d ago

I'm cheap, so I'm glad prices will be cheaper than PS3.

MasterCornholio2693d ago

So the games should cost around 40 euros which is the same as the 3DS ones. Seems like a good price to me i was actually expecting it to cost more because of the tech that the NGP harbors.

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