Is it time for video game reviews to drop scores?

Critical Gamer writes: I raise this question (which is not a new one) here and now in response to the reaction – from some quarters – to Ian’s piece on L.A. Noire published last week. It was an unfavourable yet entirely honest review. Though he received some support for his observations, they were deeply unpopular with a vocal minority. Interestingly, none of his critics denied the existence of the flaws he highlighted in this review, instead resorting to personal insults – and quoting scores that Critical Gamer have awarded in the past to completely different games.

The argument put forward by waving numbers around in this way is that we at CG aren’t prepared to give a game a chance if it isn’t an action FPS. At a brief glance, this seems to hold water; until you remember that a) virtually all the sites which scored L.A. Noire highly also scored, say, Modern Warfare 2 highly (usually higher); and b) we gave Heavy Rain a positive review and a score of 8/10. Incidentally, we also scored Super Mario Galaxy 2 and LittleBigPlanet 2 10/10 each. I’m not here to defend our site against people with the IQ of a fresh cucumber, however. I want to ask: Should we still be using scores in videogame reviews?

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nintenflo2747d ago

Nah if you dropped review scores N4G
would be boring as you would no longer have
the fanboys squabbling like little schoolgirls! Lol

scruffy_bear2747d ago

Never use reviews to judge a game I read what the reviewer saids and compare his opinions with other reviewers then make up my mine about the game