IGN: Countdown to The Witcher, Night 2 - New images

The world that was imagined into existence by Andrzej Sapkowski is full of monsters, bandits and many other dangers that await the unwary traveller at every turn of the road. Similarly, The Witcher (the game) will test Geralt's combat skills, his proficiency in wielding one of the two swords he carries, his casting of magical Signs, the use of the appropriate potions, and the Witchers' murderous training in general.

Contrary to common belief, however, it is the knowledge that they carry - and not the swords on their back or the superhuman abilities that they possess - that is the Witchers' most dangerous weapon. It has become common knowledge that these monster slayers carry two swords - one for use against monsters and the other against human adversaries. One fundamental decision to be made before engaging in combat, therefore, is to choose the appropriate sword type - the steel sword may prove harmless when used against a vampire, while the silver blade may cause little damage to a massive but nonmagical animal. They say that a Witcher is wrong only once - when he unsheathes the wrong sword for combat.

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