GameSpot - E3 2011: WipEout 2048 Hands-On Preview

GameSpot - Sony's Studio Liverpool knows its way around a Wipeout game. The UK-based studio has done fantastic work with the series across the PlayStation 3 and PSP. At Sony's recent pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo event in Los Angeles, we got our first look at WipEout 2048, a brand new entry in the series for the upcoming NGP that boasts some slick new features.

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guitar_nerd_232699d ago

I want this.

If they're doing cross platform play maybe you'll get the extra tracks as dlc for ps3 when you buy it aswell? That would be sweet.

rob60212699d ago

I was kind of confused when he said they developed it exclusively for NGP, then later went on to say you can compete with players on the PS3. I'm starting to get the impression we'll see lots of cross platform play happening, with free versions of games if you buy the other (or maybe at a small cost)