Ganondorf is Dead

Go! Gaming Giant- "For those who are unclear with the Zelda timeline, there are theories among Zelda fans that the timeline splits after the events of Ocarina of Time since Zelda sends Young Link back to his childhood while the other “adult Link” timeline continues without him. The short and sweet of it:
Gannon is dead in not one timeline, but BOTH alternate universe timelines because he was killed completely at one point by some variation of Link."

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omicron0092694d ago

wow, thats a lot of research. nice job

Murgatroyd72693d ago

Gah, trying to make sense of LoZ is too much work. Back in my day, we didn't need continuity! We just did whatever we wanted and everything would reset the next day.

AWBrawler2693d ago

actually Wind Waker can be tied to OOT in a since, because wind Waker and is supposed to be the end of the entire Gannon Timeline in Zelda. It happens at the very end of the Zelda Timeline (Not counting it's sequels) So Gannon was automatically dead in both when he died in Windwaker. Eiji Aonuma and Shigeru Miymoto already mentioned that the only game featuring Gannon since then, TP, happened a few decades after OOT.

Wind Waker is centuries later and inside the pirate age. It's less medieval and more modern. Think about it!