Prey 2 E3 2011: Exclusive Trailer

GameTrailers: It's time to hunt down some bounties! Get a peek at the weapons and gadgets of Prey 2 in this trailer from E3 2011!

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Godmars2902692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

So we've gone from sci-fi multi-dimensional survival horror to cyber-punk extra-terrestrial Western?

rdgneoz32692d ago

Different from the first, but looks like it could be interesting in its own way. Hopefully the game's graphics are around the same quality as the trailers CGI.

Organization XII2692d ago

looks like PC graphics, and agree it has nothing to do with the first one, wtf!

Foxgod2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

What do people consider to be PC graphics?
All games are designed on pc's...

Maybe you actually mean this game got a western look, which is obvious, as this is a western designed game.

starchild2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Yeah, and that's awesome.

This game is right up my alley. I love sci-fi, cyberpunk, etc. I also loved Mirror's Edge, so those comparisons really get me hyped.

The graphics will be good, but they won't be nearly as good as this CGI trailer. Go look at the screenshots to get an idea of what to expect, if you haven't already seen them.

I want to see more, but so far I am definitely highly intrigued.

reznik_zerosum2692d ago

i love sci-fi, cyberpunk to but that western thing is bad, aliens-indians,i dont want to kill them im not american :(

showtimefolks2692d ago

atleast the trailer has me interested hopefully it will do its name justice

DeadlyFire2692d ago

Survival horror? Wasn't really survival type of game if you ask me. More of a shoot it and keep on rolling game. Cyberpunk isn't a bad theme. Its one that will be very popular in the next decade. So get used to it.

CGI graphics for this game. Not likely. Maybe if it was on one of these new amazing engines like Unreal Engine 4.0 or Frostbite 2.0 or something maybe close to it. I love the presentation for the game either way.

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xyxzor2692d ago

What the hell? Why even name this Prey? lol.

femshep2692d ago

it actually looks still a bit upset they took away the who idea of the first prey and that we wont find out what happened to Tommy

Johnny Cash is a nice touch too

Thrillhouse2692d ago

Quite different from the original, but daaaaaaaamn that was some slick trailer.

Megaton2692d ago

What's with Dudebro Tommy (if that's even him)? Can't really tell how the game is gonna look from this thing, but it seems like Prey in name only right now.

MidnytRain2692d ago

I believe the protagonist in Prey 2 is a different person than the one in the original. Read dummy! ;)

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