IGN - Signs of Zelda's 25th Anniversary

IGN - As Zelda enthusiasts well know, this year marks the legendary franchise's 25th Anniversary. Two month's ago, at Nintendo President Satoru Iwata's GDC 2011 keynote speech, we were teased with the announcement that something was in the works.

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CraigUK2697d ago

25th anniversary is this year, too late really to do anything with OoT 3DS, so I'm going to guess they are going to package something with Skyward Sword, like a mega collection. I don't know what games though, the Collectors Edition from the Gamecube era has all the old ones on already, could probs add windwaker on there.

Perhaps more 3DS remakes like MM or WW (Fingers crossed for WW). Or maybe "New Play Control! Wind Waker"? With motion Plus!!!

I really have no idea. Doubt it will be a 'new' game though as can't really announce anything else zelda for release this year, Zelda overloaddd.