Uncharted 3: Co-op Campaign Reveal

Chapter 4 - Uncharted 3 Co-op - Featuring the Uncharted 3 co-op premiere.


Embedded video will not start at the Uncharted 3 footage. Skip to the start of Chapter 4 for the 4 minute video (or click through to GameTrailers for it to start directly at the footage).

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sunnygrg2971d ago

I can't wait to play that vertical level in 3D.

And, it looks like they improved upon every aspect of the foundation built by Among Thieves. I thought that was impossible :O

And, did anybody notice hit-detection?

Redrum0592971d ago

so much damn content in this game, the graphics are still jawdropping, my mouth is just watering. i cant freeking wait.

crxss2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

... so it's not co-op for the main campaign? that kinda sucks. hope ND will show it at E3.

thor2971d ago

Graphics look much like Uncharted 2 to me. I didn't watch in HD though just in the embedded vid. Of course that's not a bad thing :)

Black-Helghast2971d ago

I'm speechless...Uncharted 3's graphics are just breathtaking...Co-Op Campaign? You guys just went to a whole new level. DAY #1 FOR ME!

Ninver2971d ago

wow so many excellent ps3 games ahead of us. how does one cope?

KILLERAPP2971d ago

So you will play a coop campaign different from the main campaign and will probably see some cool returning characters sounds awesome, but they said they have 3 different coop modes this is one what are the other two?

cyborg69712971d ago

Sweet. I need to win the lottery in order to keep up this fall.

trounbyfire2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

the guns still look like a pain in the butt to shoot. I mean they said pistol plunder was the most popular LAb and that's because the pistols are more accurate.

I don't like the assault rifles in UC2 so hopefully they changed it.

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The story is too old to be commented.