Sony NGP: Augmented Reality Done Right

IGN - With powerful processors, high quality cameras, and precision motion sensors, Sony's next handheld could redefine AR gaming. Here's how.

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Christopher2791d ago

And yet they rate the augmented reality games coming with the release of NGP below all others?

I guess doing it right isn't good enough?

SpaceSquirrel2791d ago

I think it's because there haven't been many games announced for NGP yet

Menech2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Best use for it would be an augmented reality Yu-gi-oh game.

Like in the Anime, where the monsters come out of the cards. And you could battle online with other players.

Misterhbk2791d ago

All we really know are the first party games. And at least Sony is releasing full
Fledged augmented reality games and not just mini games. The ar games for 3DS last all of Five minutes before you put them down.

trounbyfire2791d ago

so all that hype for the 3ds AR mostly because they had a poor launch line up and now they wan to come over to the NGP...figures

femshep2791d ago

Augmented reality never looks real....looks like cgi on real things....its just dumb.....i can never stand those movies like that either (alvin and the chipmonks, yogi bear, the smurf) it looks so fake its unbearable to watch.....not to mention the horrid acting

xAlmostPro2791d ago

It has to look less realistic than real life .. if it didn't then it would be real.

That's the whole point on these types of tech, realistic not real.

MasterCornholio2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

"The 3DS is known to struggle under the weight of incoming video, glasses-free 3D, and graphics rendering, the NGP was able to maintain a consistent framerate no matter how rapid you change perspective or how many objects entered your view. "

I did not know that the 3DS had so many problems with AR tech. Anyways the AR tech in the NGP looks really good but i wonder as IGN said how many devs are going to use it.


Yeah it looks like they spent their sweet time in designing it. The hand-held is extremely powerful and stuffed with a lot of neat features. People assume that its going to be a lot more expensive than the 3DS because of the tech but i believe that it will be just a little bit more expensive. Everyone knows that Nintendo is making a huge profit off each 3DS sold so i cant see why sony cant make a small profit off each NGP and sell it for 299 euros.

blackburn102791d ago

It really sounds like a solid system. I can't wait to see it in action in my own two hands

trounbyfire2791d ago

why would you the media hyped it up so much that it was crazy . lack of games at 3ds launch caused them to turn to ar

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