Nightmare Mode Review: Don’t Take It Personally Babe …

Nightmare Mode reviews DTIPB. "The game follows the character of John Rook, a useless fuck-up of a man with no life to speak of. And what do the aimless, meandering souls of the world do? That’s right, they become teachers. By some miracle he gets a position at a fairly expensive school, in charge of a class of equally struggling but completely disinterested students. Not only that, John can also access all his pupils’ online activity – public and private – over the school’s Facebook-like social service. Every single comment and message and irrelevant, tedious status update. Could you possibly imagine anything worse? It’s a cauldron of stinking teenage sexuality stacked on the fires of woe and heated towards a frothy rolling drama-boil. Smells like Lynx and feet, tastes like secrets."

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