Duke Nukem Forever Demo available for Club Members

Gearbox Studios has announced that the Duke: Nukem Forever demo is now available to those who are a member of the First Access Club.

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Hitman07692697d ago

Finally, now let's get it in!!!

TheXonySbox2697d ago

bullshit; just logged in at 1am; article was posted <30min ago.

Demo not available for the PC yet, so yeah... its going to be out when gearbox lets everyone know.

Not a shitty website like this.

MrBeatdown2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Lulz. I got the email for it just a few minutes ago. So, uh, yeah, Gearbox is letting everyone know. In fact, I just logged in and got my PS3 demo code.

Now, I just hope that downloading the demo doesn't...

*puts on sunglasses*

... take forever.


Edit: Awesome. I'm getting disagrees for posting FACTS. Gotta love N4G.

How's this...

"Hello First Access Member,

Thank you again for registering for Duke Nukem’s First Access Club! Are you prepared to be a part of gaming history and help Duke kick ass and save the world and its babes?

You can now obtain your exclusive demo key by logging into the First Access Club at http://www.dukenukemforever...

Your key will be located on your profile page. These keys are for the platform that you specified as your preferred platform* when filling out your First Access Club account information.

Hail to the King, Baby!

Gearbox Software and 2K Games

*Platform availability and eligibility is subject to local laws and regulations.

Experiencing issues with your First Access Account? Please visit for assistance."

There's the contents of the email. Now do you clowns need me to post a screenshot too?

ThatArtGuy2697d ago

No, it's legit. I got mine too. Downloading the demo right now.

TheXonySbox2697d ago ShowReplies(2)
TheBeast2697d ago

People who have pre-ordered the game.

Xristo2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

It just means you have early access to the demo and some free DLC ... you can get in by pre-order or from owning the Borderlands GOTY edition (how I did).

Kamikaze1352697d ago

I thought it was going to say gym members for some reason, lmao.

jeremyKX2697d ago

Installing now on steam :).

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