E3 2011: Kojima's Transfarring System Will Revolutionize How We Play Video Games

Earlier today, Hideo Kojima announced his Transfarring system, allowing people to take save data from a console to a portable device. If Kojima's idea really blossoms, it will change the way we play video games drastically.

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Dramscus2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Only between sony consoles presently.
Though I suppose with the next nintendo console it could go there, but there would be control setbacks on the 3ds i imagine.

I_find_it_funny2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Things seems weird, I'd need to buy a second copy for a handheld which I never did before.

Plus I'd rather replay same part on big screen rater than continue because the knowledge that I'm losing the tv screen experience would be very uncomfortable. When I'm on the go I'd rather play a different game than "waste" a big game to play it on a small screen, I did pay a full 60 bucks price for it, why would I skip the plaeasure of playing it on TV screen in favour of NGP copy that I need to buy too.

I don't see this idea fun and usefull, maybe in Japan where people are way more mobile than in western countries.

Dir_en_grey2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

For Peace Walker HD you don't need to buy a handheld copy (or rebuy it for NGP if you already bought the UMD version) because it will come with a download code for the portable version.

From the way Kojima explained it seems like it will be the same for ZOE HD even though it sounds too good to be true. I think he's aiming for like a Digital Copy on Bluray type of thing.

Kojima interview:

Dir_en_grey2692d ago

I just watched the English version and it is different than the Japanese version of the interview they put up.

In Japan there will be a Peace Walker HD that comes with PSP Peace Walker download code, and a MGS HD collection that comes with MGS 2 and 3 in HD and a MGS 1(PS/PSX) download code.

The US release MGS collection will be Peace Walker and MGS 2 and 3 all in HD, and no download code was mentioned in the English version of the vid.

Sorry for the mix up. I didn't expect them to change the content of the same interview so much between the two language versions.

coryok2692d ago

old news, sonys doing this with their games also, they had already said that that was supposed to be the main function of cloud saving, for example, monster hunter is able to do this also

Nitrowolf22692d ago

You know now that i think about it, maybe this is what Kojima was Upset about. I mean Sony just revealed PSP remaster and states save jumping like this.
Although Kojima is with actual PS3 games i believe NOT just PSP remasters.

Dir_en_grey2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Nitrowolf2, you are right that is exactly what Kojima was upset about.

From Kojima's tweets sounded like they were supposed to hold the reveal til E3 but Capcom jumped the gun, even though Kojima came up with this idea back when he was making Peace Walker.

I guess Capcom's PR department don't care much for silent agreements between developers.

Godmars2902692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

If Konami can get other companies using it. Have Sony adopt it as their standard.

We know that it has the basic functionality. We don't know if it protects the base files or if those transfers can become corrupted.

BrianG2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I think this is Sony's standard, and Konami is just one of the first devs to go public about using the feature.

It seemed clear that Sony wanted cross platform play ever since the cloud save service was introduced. Talk of playing games on the NGP/Vita and then on PS3 or vis versa was already hinted at with the Wipeout 2048 announcement notes.

Also as dramscus pointed out, it is only between Sony devices at the time, lending further evidence to the rumor's that Sony was going to go for a cross platform feature between the PS3 and NGP/Vita.

I could be wrong, might be a Konami feature only that will differentiate from what Sony plans to offer if Sony plans to offer such a feature. Guess we will see at E3.

EDIT: I was saying Konami because you mentioned Konami, but the article seems to be referring to Kojima. (I get mixed up sometimes to)

coryok2692d ago

im not sure what you mean but all files can become corrupted, it happens when a file isnt saved properly; it can happen with installs on your pc and video game saves, thats not going away anytime soon.
what we do know is that basic ps3 save protocol now supports sonys cloud saving and is something that will be present in games coming out now. anything in a save file will be present in your cloud saves

hazelamy2692d ago

the minis have been doing this for ages though.
you can get the same game on both machines and copy saves over and continue.
and the ps3 hd versions of psp games are supposed to be able to do that too.
maybe that's what he's talking about.

juniorpop2692d ago

Lol at the video in that link. Dude's staring at her boobs all the time!

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