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-Mezzo-2789d ago

Desperately waiting to see more of Silent Hill: Downpour.

RedDeadLB2789d ago

Peace Walker HD (PS3/ !360!!!) No way..

Venox20082789d ago

My wish almost come true (Missing 3DS version) :) ,but I have X360 too, so I hope that isn't mistake in writing.. because I really want to play this game :)

RedDeadLB2787d ago

I didn't mean to bash X360 players, but I honestly didn't expect Peace Walker to appear on the 360. Not in a bad way, when I heard a MGS collection is coming I though it was the PS3 exclusive type of collection as I'm used to. God dammit, why did my PS3 have to die, I'm dying to play these games! I only played 1 and 4!

Venox20082787d ago

@Buljo at first I thought that it will be on PS3 only and only downloadable titles each one...but I like physical copies of games so it's even better for me :)

and Konami, please make MGS: acid 1 & 2 HD too or 3DS versions please :)

VampiricDragon2789d ago

suikoden will be there big at the event announcement