Battlefield 3 To Air LIVE on SpikeTV June 6 at E3

The official Battlefield 3 Website announced today that it there will be a LIVE preview at E3 on June 6 at 1230 PT/330 EST

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KILLERAPP2698d ago

Would be smart of Sony to get exclusive DLC for this game...

M-Easy2698d ago

Both smart and expensive. They added a free game with MOH so Sony, EA and DICE have a good relationship but its maybe too expensive to justify.

callmedom942698d ago

It would definitely sell huge to the PS users. I just don't think EA/DICE would do it, because they want all consoles to be equal content wise.

BiggCMan2698d ago

Yea I don't really see exclusive DLC happening either. But perhaps they can do what they did with Medal of Honor, and remaster an older Battlefield game and include it with the limited edition or something. I would love to play Battlefield 2142 on PS3. It could happen, you never know.

captain-obvious2698d ago

no it wont be smart
it'll piss off PC fans
something DICE is smart enough no to do

xVeZx2698d ago

and also there was a ps3 beta of bad company 2 that the 360 didnt get...

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Shackdaddy8362698d ago

Not going to happen. DICE has said like a million times that BF3 is made for PC gamers and ported to consoles. They would get so much flak if they did exclusive DLC...

callmedom942698d ago

A very cool DLC would be BAttlefield 2 Modern Combat for consoles or PS3, because Xbox 360 already had the game. Just an idea, I think it would be great

TheXonySbox2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

DICE wouldn't want to burn the bridge with the main FPS players..that is 360 community. Stats back up that claim, more FPS players on the 360 then any console by a decent number.

COD sales have shown this over time, DICE want them to all jump ship. All the MLG players too.

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xc7x2698d ago

wonder if this means just the PC version being shown or all of them? :-/

callmedom942698d ago

In other interviews, it has been reported that there will be console footage and gameplay as well

Ser2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Bah, let the console/PC fanboys bicker, I'll be too busy watching this amazing broadcast to even care.

SKUD2698d ago

Commander mode for PC plz. Thank you.

Hazmat132698d ago

how about some console gameplay.