IGN teases big Nintendo news for Tuesday/Wednesday outside of press conference

IGN teases more news to come following their E3 2011 press conference.

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SpaceSquirrel2696d ago

I hope it's a new Smash Bros.

-Mezzo-2696d ago

Same here, it would be wonderful.

liveActionLeveler2696d ago

This is exactly what I think it will be.

SpaceSquirrel2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Nintendo didn't reveal Brawl until a few days after E3 started. So I hope they do the same for the sequel on Wii 2.

liveActionLeveler2696d ago

Ya know, all this info on games is just too much, I am being completely honest and not exaggerating when I say that it's impossible to have enough money to get everything and experience all that I want this year, especially if Vita releases. Then the project cafe announcement, plus next gen at e3 is just too too much. Anyone with me? However, I am a very happy man right now, lolz!!!

Sonyslave32696d ago

I hope it a new and improve pokemon game for the wii or cafe

Oldman1002696d ago

I hope they announce super gameboy compatibility with the ProCafe.

jacksonmichael2696d ago

Wouldn't the Gameboy Player be a more functional add on? I agree though. Lol.

undercovrr2696d ago

A gaming journalist website talking about another gaming journalist website who is talking about E3. Am I the only one who find this article a wee bit pathetic?