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New Orleans is sinkin’ man, and I don’t want to swim. That line is certainly true for inFAMOUS 2 protagonist Cole McGrath, a lightning-infused superhero (or villain, depending on your moral choices.) The upcoming sequel takes him on a trip to beautiful New Merais, where the city is sinking into disorder and decay. Inspired by New Orleans, this city is the location of where the First Sons developed the Ray Sphere – the bomb-like piece of technology that formed the basis for the original game’s campaign.

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BakedGoods2786d ago

Everyone shoulda gotten their own hands on demo already. The demo was released yesterday!

VINNIEPAZ2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I'm playing the full game now and its good so far. I just gotta get used to dieing so fast. I was running down a street and a group of enemies popped up and hit and killed me with a grenade even before I had time to react lol.

rpgenius4202786d ago

Yea I got it too! It's pretty awesome right from the beginning! Im playing it on hard to get the trophy, but it's not that difficult. Graphics are legit!

Wick2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Can't wait for the full game.

This preview was done on a full version of the game. Probably a different section from the demo.

dp2774072786d ago

yea i just payed off my hero edition today, cant wait.

blumatt2786d ago

I can't wait until I get my own "hands-on" with InFamous 2 come June 7. haha Gonna be an awesome game!

Rhezin2786d ago

AHHHH! INFAMOUS 2! Not playing the demo, saving for the FULL EXPERIENCE. I know I'm crazy

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