E3 2011: Kojima announces HD Collections and New Data Transfer System in Pre-E3 Show

Though many gamers won't be attending E3, Konami treated its fans to a pre-E3 show on the web. In the show, Konami had some big announcements, including some new games and an interesting new data transfer system.

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Hozi892692d ago

This article is a waste of time. Link not working.

Software_Lover2692d ago

I'm more than likely getting the HD collection but I'm gonna have to get it for the 360 since my ps3 is broken. Typing that out just seems wrong, LOL. Wish this was coming out on pc. I would buy it on steam in a heartbeat, especially if it were games for windows live with achievements.

ZBlacktt2692d ago

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Rikan2692d ago

You blocked me lol Bitch. Get out more chump.

ZBlacktt2692d ago

Because I don't waste my time with boys who are still maturing. God, I can still hear that awful music, lol... :P

thrashermario2692d ago

shut the hell up already with that sellout kojima and he's overrated games

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