Will Nintendo be Truthful About Wii 2?

MMGN writes: Many of us will be excited when Nintendo reveals its next console in a few days. Even just a little curiosity seeps through most of us. But can we rest assured that the final product will meet the promises its creator bestows?

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ChickeyCantor2786d ago

If they give me F-zero, then they can lie about anything they want.


beast242tru2786d ago

dose nintendo usually lie to us?? from what i can remember they are pretty stright forward with the products hope they dnt change that

ChickeyCantor2786d ago

Nintendo tells it as it is in their vision, people take it and put it in their own context.
For example, the commercials of the Wii implied there was going to be 1:1 motion gaming. But Nintendo just showed the immersion one would have.

Some say it was misleading.