IGN-E3 2011: Hideo Kojima Debuts "Fox Engine"

Acclaimed video game director Hideo Kojima unveiled new technology codenamed the "Fox Engine" as part of Konami's 2011 Pre-E3 Show. This next-generation, multi-platform gaming engine will power a new project from Mr. Kojima, which is said to be something new from the designer after over a decade focused on directing Metal Gear Solid games.

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BeastlyRig2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Is it running on a pc?

@below well the fact that he hovered his hand over the mouse when choosing what to play it with could imply pc version is an option!

After all he did like the bf3 trailer shat his pants maybe!

Sonyslave32695d ago

On Ign other Article they said it was running on a xbox 360 dev kit.

LaChance2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

So the FOX Engine (clear allusion to MGS) is running on the 360...hmmm I guess we all know what that means for futur MGS games :)

@below: oh great so its not only MGS but any other projects from Kojima too!

And btw its cool to see Kojima using the 360 pad to demonstrate his new engine :)

user8586212695d ago

He stated himself all future games will be multiplatform

gaden_malak2695d ago

"So the FOX Engine (clear allusion to MGS)"

Perhaps you should look at the Kojima Production logo.

SMOK3xFFx2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

"but the engine is built to run on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and other advanced gaming platforms."
PC is an option.

2:15 Kojima choosing the 360 over PS3? A lot of people are going to be emotionally scared.

Sonyslave32695d ago

The other is Wii2 or Project Cafe what ever it called

Rage_S902695d ago

lmao i think the inner fanboy in me is crying, but the resonable side of thinks it's great that more people will get to play kojima's games. Consoles are just machines at the end of the day games are what it's all about

user8586212695d ago

That part cracked me up! lol

baodeus2695d ago

well maybe because he might like the feel of the x360 controller better? I have been using PS controller forever since ps2, and for me personally, the x360 feel a lot more comfortable (seem to have better grip, about the right size, great trigger, feel very solid).

Voxelman2695d ago

other platforms would be Cafe and NGP

bangoskank2695d ago

@ Rage_S90

Good on you. That is why you are a true gamer and not an immature fanboy prick like 80% of the kids on this site.

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aceitman2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

did ign copy this video from gametrailers
and edit it to be theres or vice versa .

-Alpha2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Isn't it running on a PC because that's how software development is done?

UnbiasedGamer2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Well pretty much confirmed the future of MGS games now...MGS5 on Xbox 360 aswell? FOX engine ring any bells...foxhound i guess. Ouch he choose the Xbox 360 pad over the PS3 pad...

Kurt Russell2694d ago

Bah, it's only a pad... I look forward to a new project. As much as I enjoy his previous work I find it exciting he's working on something fresh.

Mainman2694d ago

I think Koji will do both exclusive and multi-platform titles in the future.

The engine being called fox doesnt necessarely mean future MGS titles going Multi-platform. Kojima production's logo is a FOX logo from MGS3.
The Japanese Kanji logo for the Fox engine is from MGS4.

Right, what I am saying is, MGS5 could stay exclusive to a single platform, or it could go multi-platfrom.

But guys, we all knew Kojima had aspirations to become like most of those Multi-plat dev companies out there, so why does him making a multi-platform engine come as a shock to you all?

I personally would like Kojima to make platform exclusive titles to fully utilize the capabilities of that specific platfrom. Because I am of the oppinion that exclusive games are generally better than multi-plat games.

Yeah, there are awesome multi-plat games out there, but I am of the oppinion that those games would've been even better if they were exclusive's to a specific platform.

The game in the video looks like a RPG btw, it also reminds me a bit of 'the Last Guardian'.

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trounbyfire2695d ago

should it look like plastic?

Kakkoii2695d ago

Most sub-surface and glossy reflection techniques that are able to run in real-time within a game engine will tend to have a bit of a plastic look due to low sampling and accuracy.

DA_SHREDDER2695d ago

he said something about it being the best engine to use in the world. So maybe he's onto something? All I know is that ZOE is coming and thats really all I care about.

Kurt Russell2694d ago

You seem to be getting disagrees, I hope they're not aimed at you comment on ZOE, as I can't wait to play that again!

ATiElite2695d ago

well it's the end of exclusives as we know it cause everyone is on the Multi-plat bandwagon.

Make one engine that will easily port to PC 360 PS3 Wii2 instead of maximizing the strengths of each individual system for kick ass Gaming.

And the crowd goes Booooo! No More multi-plats! No more Multi-plats!

Dart892695d ago

*well it's the end of exclusives as we know it.

Umm hello 1st party studios ring a bell??

ATiElite2695d ago

Nintendo has Mario Zelda and Metroid and yes Sony has a ton of exclusives but it's only a short time (like next Gen) and Sony's Exclusives will shrink dramatically.

Case in point look at Killzone 3 sales figures, who has Socom 4, MAG vs. COD, Kojima is done with exclusives (MGS Risen PC 360 PS3) etc. etc.

Devs are making these "multi-plat engines" so they can crank out 3 versions of a game for almost the same dollar amount as one version as a way to triple sales income.

So yes 1st party studio does ring a bell...and they ALL want Activision multi-plat money.

Ahasverus2695d ago

The best part of this is that the engine is not exclusive to him, it's being made for ALL KONAMI PROJECTS, that includes Castlevania, Silent Hill, Contra, Suikoden and their other great franchises.

Can't wait.

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