Fox Engine - high-quality screenshots

Kojima Productions released high-quality screenshots of their new engine.

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theafroman2699d ago

Kojima said that his next game will have transferring between PS3 and NGP so does that mean that this engine is possible on the device! wow!

VampiricDragon2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

he didnt say that directly. What he said is he wants his games to be multiplat from now on

which probably means ps3/xbbx

Wheres your source?

Because at this event which is even more current

he said that this game will be ps3/360 multiplat

shikamaroooo2699d ago

no he really did say that when the NGP was revealed that his next game will be transferable between ps3 and NGP and that more will be revealed at E3

Shackdaddy8362699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

IDK why people disagreed because they really did say multiplat... You can go look it up... Multiplat usually means it isn't confined to one company.

Edit: 3rd paragraph

"The demonstration was run using an Xbox 360 dev kit, but the engine is built to run on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and other advanced gaming platforms."

limewax2699d ago

Nope its going to be for all of them, this demo along with the screenshots were actually taken from the 360 version (watched the live stream)

NateCole2699d ago

It multi-plat as in multi-consle

The fact that Konami is relasing the previous MGS on x360 with the HD collection means the next real Kojima game will be multi-plat. I am almost certain of this. i.e the next MGS game will be on the x360 as well.

Its an end of an era but i guess its time.

SilentNegotiator2699d ago

Maybe by multi-plat.....he could have possibly meant PS3, 360, NGP, and 3DS!

Or any combination of a few!

Or we could keep speculating on something we have no idea about.

Obviously, with all of his emphasis on the NGP and PS3 being so easily compatible, there's a GOOD chance that he will be working with Ps3/NGP. And it's not like Konami is alien to the 3DS and 360 (MGS3 port, Rising).

Trevonn2699d ago

MGS5 will still be ps exclusive because dvd is way way way too small kojimas visions

Arnon2699d ago

I guess it sucks for you to hear that he wants his titles to be multi-platform now, huh?

inveni02698d ago

I can believe this is a multiplat engine just because it doesn't show off draw distance. It looks good, but the view out into the forest is only about 50 yards...

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likedamaster2698d ago

Looks really good, congrats Konami. Now to get Activision to make a new engine for Call of Booty.

Muffins12232699d ago

Crackdown graphics on crack...not impressive but if on ngp then yes

SilentNegotiator2699d ago

CLEARLY we didn't see the same screens.

The ones I saw weren't cartoony at all and had really nice lighting effects.

Simon_Brezhnev2699d ago

The graphics look ok. Im sick of all this damn MGS. Kojima needs a new ip ASAP. Im really starting to hate this HD collection. I bought PS3 for next gen gaming not last gen games.

Jio2699d ago

In the 3rd picture, that dog is huge!

Dipso2698d ago

Rhodesian ridgeback, they are massive in reality.

SunnyBoy2699d ago

looks abit like uncharted 1 from back in the days.

F4sterTh4nFTL2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

PC, PS3, Xbox 360 or maybe also Wii 2.

BeastlyRig2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )


His hand was hovering over the mouse but he used a 360 controller. I think he was implying that pc is an option for the engine! Maybe he shat his pants when he watched BF3 trailer!

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