New Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D screenshots

Konami released brand new screens of Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.

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MattyF2697d ago

A lot of people are saying how it looks just like the PS2 version but it still looks really good. Remains a must-buy for 3DS owners.

qface642697d ago

if you actually compare them side by side it actually looks better by quite a bit

i can already see a bunch of people taking pictures of their penis to have penis camo

Queefy_B2697d ago

Well a HD remaster of this coming on ps3 makes this version pretty insignificant especially as it will have trophies.

VictoriousB132697d ago

Do you ever get tired of trolling?

nopunctuation2697d ago

Not as long as people respond...

Man In Black2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Nice to see they changed Snake's look, he looked too similar to his Peace Walker incarnation in the older screens. But he looks fairly creepy in that screen above. Must be the eyes.

Overall, the graphics look more jagged than the PS2 version, but more detailed texture wise.

creamsoda2697d ago

I agree I hated his look in PW he just looked too rough and they tried to make him look too realistic which kinda made him look funny. I love his look in the PS2 version though.

Man In Black2697d ago

His look in that game suited him, because he was a veteran, and much more experienced and older. In MGS3, he's about 29, and a rookie, so yeah.

pain777pas2697d ago

Here is the problem with this version and the ire of Kojimas anger. MGS3 is "transfarring" compatible for the HD PS3 version. What system would that be compatible with? NGP. Now tell me why would I even waste money on the 3DS version when apparently I am getting a DL and Hardcopy in one. There you have Kojimas frustration in a nut shell. Plus the NGP version if it is optomized will not only look better but incorporate some of the functions of the 3DS version. I see another video at Sony's press conference. Don't get me wrong there will be more unique features and optomization for 3DS version but it has been officially watered down tonight.

ozstar2697d ago

We don't know if its transferable to the NGP or PSP yet, we don't know what the graphics will be like, or whether its a bare bones port, and we haven't seen the final build of the 3DS version or heard the price.

pain777pas2697d ago

This is not rocket science. The PSP would do a terible job of replicating a PS2 game. NGP could do the job without sacrificing the controls. The only reason they aren't saying things outright is because it will be revealed at Sony's press conference. He showed what his goal was. Did you know that NGP can play PSP games off PSN? Guess what? Peace walker is on PSN. Therefore, transfaring will be for the NGP aswell for Peace walker. Are you seeing the loop here? Kojima did not once mention the NGP other than that is the plan. However, if you remember what Sony has said in the past you know what's up.

Valk2696d ago

lol Most PSP games are PS2 games. You must not know that the chip in the PSP is the exact same as the one in PS2.

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theafroman2697d ago

Looks just like the PS2 version and thats not a bad thing by the way.

VampiricDragon2697d ago

its portable. Thats the reason to buy it

Kamikaze1352697d ago

Looks a LOT worse than the tech demo shown at last year's E3. Still...I'm buying this along with Zelda and a 3DS when it comes out.

RedDead2697d ago

Yeah, that Tech demo was too good to be true though, don't trust tech demos haha. Its grand like that anyway, a decent enough upgrade considering it's on a little handheld object, and it looks like the gunplay has been redesigned. probably like peace walker

Kon2697d ago

Neat. I finished MGS3 about 5 times the normal version and 4 times Subsistence. My favorite MGS

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