E3: PES 2012 Gameplay Trailer

Ve3tro writes: "PES 2012 got it’s first proper trailer with gameplay today at the Konami conference. You can check it below."

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cronaldo72697d ago

KIDS play fifa, REAL MEN play PES!

Pintheshadows2697d ago

MEN play FIFA, MEN with rosetinted glasses play PES!

I mean seriously the last good one was 5.

mac4u102697d ago

Wow the still making PES games, showed some great celebrations camera angles, i remember when the only game i ever played on my ps2 was PES lol distant memory.

SirBillyBones2697d ago

I was a massive PES (or even ISS) back in the day.. but I have to say Fifa holds the crown now. This video doesnt even slightly compare to the new Fifa 12 footage. Like Mac said, the players move like robots and none of the gameplay seems fluid. PES is dead in the water.