EA set to announce download service Origin, competitor to Steam.

EA look set to announce a brand new download service named ‘Origin’, which will serve as a direct competitor to Steam as the publisher aims to increase it's presence in the digital download space.

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BakedGoods2693d ago

Considering they just gave the rights to sell their back catalogue to GoG, I wonder what their plan is with 'Origin'? You'd think holding your old franchises as exclusives for your own service would be an asset, so maybe Origin will take a different direction in online distribution?

captain-obvious2693d ago

they already lost to steam
i called it first

ColdWinter2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

well if EA offers a decent enough service and pulls all there software from steam it would give them the competitive advantage.

InTheLab2693d ago

I know....I just raped EA for 3 games on Steam a few sales ago. There's no way they can compete with Steam.

Shackdaddy8362693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Won't do nearly as good as steam....

You can't beat steam now. They've become a juggernaut of the download world.

Hope this doesn't mean I have to buy BF3 on Origin though. Thad be annoying...

fluffydelusions2693d ago

I doubt they'd make it exclusive to their service. The more download services the game is likely leads to more revenue.

DeadlyFire2692d ago

Well it was annoying buying HL2 on STEAM at first as well, but world loves STEAM now and Millions bought HL2 even in that jumbled mess of STEAM's birth.

I doubt Origin will beat Steam day 1, but just like OnLive it will launch. It will exist. People will see it. It will grow old and more people will see it and download it likely at some point even if just to test it out. Even if you never get a deal on it. An EA branded distribution service is gonna likely benefit EA games at some point.

Kamikaze1352693d ago

What's the point of this? Seems stupid, if you ask me.

evrfighter12693d ago

if you begin to piece this, activision's elite, M$'s future for pc gamers.

It all becomes very clear at what their goal is.

The goal is simple. Become the facebook of the gaming world.

banjadude2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

So, will this replace the EA Download Manager? The thing is too clunky, and I hate how it auto-starts.

TheXonySbox2693d ago

You can disable that in the settings.


kasasensei2693d ago

Oh yeah EA? You think you can match anything? content? prices? features? stability?
We'll see.

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The story is too old to be commented.