GoozerNation: Dungeon Siege III Demo Review and Trailer

Craig from GoozerNation takes a look at the Dungeon Siege III demo available to Gold Members right now on Xbox Live.

In addition, GoozerNation also has an exclusive peak at the trailer for the game set to come out later this month.

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ASSASSYN 36o2699d ago

I looked right at it last night and didn't download it. Must have been tired after busting heads in halo.

femshep2699d ago

meh compared to diablo, Sacred, Torchlight this is stiff in combat and all the chars are can tell its an obsidian game it follows suite to all there other games...if we can call them that

JimmyJames702699d ago

I played the demo and had some fun with it. I'd probably get it after the price drops.